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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Shameless Pitches

I’m just back from the Harvard Medical School publishing course and, like everyone else who attended–faculty and participants alike–buzzing with excitement. The e-mail I received last night from one of my book writing students, Abby Rodman, sums up the experience well: “I didn’t anticipate how exciting this conference would be. The energy, intellect and talent that filled the ballroom at the Copley Plaza was electrifying. Doing the Shameless Pitches exercise, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. Seventy seconds to get interest in my book…? It turned out to be one of the highlights. It challenged me,[...]


Social Media for Authors: How to Harness the Power

These past few weeks I’ve been preparing for my presentation for Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing course, which begins on Thursday. I’ll address 200 or so aspiring authors on the topic of blogging and social media in the ballroom of the Fairmont Copley Hotel. The audience will probably include people who belong to twibes and those who will think I have a speech impediment if I mention them. I’ll have done my job if, by the end of my talk, they decide to put a stake in the social media universe. There are over 400 million active users of Facebook.[...]

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Writing Blocks: Create Sacred Space

One of my future book writing students (she’s registered for the May class) called to say she’s a bit stuck. Going through the preliminary material, she found herself feeling a bit hazy about her book, and conflicted about her goals: Continue reading

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Writing a Book? Don’t be Shy…

In book writing class last night, Sarah mentioned that she wasn’t able to write during the hours she planned this weekend because her husband, her main supporter, was out of town. Instead of writing, she drove her daughter to 5 soccer scrimmages. During the call, Sarah realized that she could have reclaimed her time by asking another mom to help transport her daughter. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be the perfect mom and trying to do it all, but your book may not get written that way, certainly not in 8 weeks. A classmate on[...]

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