How to Create a Juicy Opt-in Gift for Your Website: My Interview with Louise Crooks

I’m sure you know you need a platform to publish and sell books. One of the simplest and most effective ways to grow that platform is to offer an Opt-In Gift or “Freebie” on your home page of your website, so that:

* Visitors join your mailing list

* You can continue to communicate with those who express interest in what you offer.

*You don’t miss a sale from someone who is not yet ready to buy but will be at some point.

* People can get to know you over time, resulting in greater book sales, new clients, customers, etc.

If you don’t have a gift on your website, most visitors will come by once and never again, EVEN if they bookmark or favorite your site–a lost opportunity.

In initial consultations with authors and aspiring authors I often find myself suggesting the free opt-in gift and we explore what to offer. When I discovered that my friend and colleague, Louise Crooks, has a plethora of knowledge on the subject of opt-in gifts, I asked if I could interview her.  I learned so much myself on this call. Here are some of the valuable lessons and crucial tips Louise shared:

* Titles for your opt-in gift should be enticing and highlight your visitors’ needs. What problems are they most desperate to solve? What results are they looking for?

* Offer a gift that will help visitors experience you and your business. Make sure your gift is high value and will make a difference for your visitors.

* Connect the promotion beyond the home page of your website (You can offer your gift on Facebook and Twitter, for instance).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Listen to our call here to get all her juicy tips and clarity about how to make your gift optimal for your particular audience and goals, different ways to use your gift, pitfalls to beware of and much more.

Louise Crooks Business Springboard

Create Your Juicy Opt-in Gift

And find out more about Louise’s Business Springboard and get help to create your juicy opt-in gift.

Note: I am an affiliate of Louise’s and do receive a commission on this excellent program, should you purchase it. I am very careful about only recommending programs I have thoroughly researched and deem high value.


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