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When You’re Sad You Make a Rainbow–and Other Writing Secrets

My five-year-old told me yesterday, “When You’re Sad, You Make a Rainbow.” I didn’t quite get it untilwriting insights he pointed to his frown.

My son knows one of the secrets of good writing–let your mind wander. When I asked him how he came up with the idea, I’d already assumed he’d heard it somewhere. Not so.

“I made a frown and then I just thought, ‘It looks like a rainbow.’”

In his free state of feeling his emotion, his mind wasn’t trying to talk him out of it or do anything with it. And so he happened upon a metaphor.

The metaphor he discovered for frowning was not only fresh–it added meaning and texture to a simple observation. I found myself reading more into the symbol:

Perhaps it means that within our sadness is a seed of happiness. Or that one can always find beauty or meaning in our less-than-happy moments. It also seemed to me that in tapping into his creativity, he quickly shifted from sadness to wonder and discovery. It lifted his mood immediately. The creative act is healing.

In the same way his statement took me deeper into meaning making, good writing can take us on a journey–particularly writing laced with metaphors and symbols. (I almost wrote “laden” but you don’t want to overdo it). We can access symbols on many levels–conscious and subconscious–and get more out of a piece that way.

Think of something you wrote about today–or something you plan to write about. Get into the space of it and let your mind wander. Do you land upon a symbol or metaphor?  What’s your rainbow?

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7 Responses to When You’re Sad You Make a Rainbow–and Other Writing Secrets

  1. avatar deb says:

    WOW!!!! This is GREAT!!!! Smart young man – like mom!!!

  2. avatar Lisa Tener says:


  3. avatar Chinwe says:

    This is beautiful, Lisa! Will report back if I stumble upon any metaphors:)

  4. avatar Emily Webber says:

    Excellent! Just what I needed today. Thanks!

  5. avatar Joy says:

    I *love* when our children teach us!

    And, today I chose to write about a pair of “glass slippers” I tried on.. I write about “magic” and the shoes seemed to symbolize that:) More importantly, sharing it was fun!

  6. Oh, Lisa- it’s a bit profound! I love the thought of it and will ponder it further. I love the way our kids and life itself can trip us up with beautiful lessons which grow us and challenge our preconceived ideas of good, bad, beauty and meaning!

  7. avatar Lisa Tener says:

    I guess I should write about my kids more often!

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