One Question that Will Change Your Writing

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Michele’s question opened a door for me. (Photo credit David Donohue,

While browsing through Triberr, I read a recent blog post “Three Questions That Will Change Your Business” by Michele Welch that suggested entrepreneurs ask themselves, “What’s the complete opposite of what I’m doing?”

My quick answer was: take a walk and have more fun and I could see immediately how that would help my business. It also made me think about asking that question about my writing.

And the same answer seemed applicable. Plus get a really fun journal to write in.

So, I’m committing to taking a walk tomorrow (it’s 10:55pm — too late to walk tonight) and having fun. And picking out a really fun journal to write in (as opposed to my computer). So, ask me tomorrow how I did because I am holding myself accountable.

How about you? What’s the complete opposite of what you’re doing? What might it do for your business? For your writing?

Share your answers and accountability here.


  1. says

    Earlier today, I had the thought of taking a mini-retreat to start off the New Year. When I read your question, I thought, “I keep striving to do a little more. More social media, more preparation for that next holiday gathering, more volunteer work.” A retreat would be the opposite of all this striving. I think this is confirmation that I really do need that mini-retreat.

    • Lisa Tener says

      Hi Susan,
      I love writing retreats. Often we need to unwind and get away from routine and “striving” as you say in order to create the space for writing. If you want to add a bit of structure to a writing retreat, you may consider joining my Seven Secrets of Writing Magic, half day workshop at All That Matters in Wakefield RI and work your retreat around that. I’ve had clients do that in the past and they enjoyed the mixture of time in class, time to write, and time to just be (and sometimes they’ll add a private consultation). Or you may need a complete retreat away from everything, which can also work beautifully. Enjoy your retreat, either way.

  2. says

    Oops–I didn’t quite answer your question. A retreat could relax me and help my writing to flow better. It could also help me figure out just what I want my business to be.

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