Are You Missing Out on Magic?


I saw Camelot with my eight-year-old son today. Before we left the house, he whined, screamed, begged, pleaded, screamed some more. He tried guilt. He told me flat out he wouldn’t go. Some part of me wanted to crawl back into bed with a novel and say “forget it.” Was it really worth this battle? But I do love Camelot. And the tickets weren’t cheap. And I thought he’d probably love it. The fight just felt so hard though–the shouting, the tears. But, damn, those tickets were expensive. So, I stuck it out, promised chocolate in the car, told him…  Read more

Should an Author Create a New Website for a Book?

book writing coach lisa tener

Once in a while, an author sends me a link to a new website for a book they’re creating. I’m writing this post to help you avoid that mistake. There was a time four or five years ago when the thinking was that every book should have its own website. Maybe it worked back then. It doesn’t work now and here’s why: 1.Search Engines like Google reward you for content: the more relevant content you have on your site, the higher up your website (and individual pages) will show up in searches done by potential visitors. The higher up you…  Read more

Choosing a Literary Agent

Choosing a literary agent is an important decision for any author who plans to traditionally publish, yet many authors find this challenging. The three basic phases to choosing a literary agent are: Phase 1: Identify appropriate agents. Phase 2: Query these agents (only when you have your book proposal completely polished and ready to go, though). Phase 3: Choose a literary agent who is the optimal match for you and your book. In this post, we focus on the third phase—assuming you have offers and are trying to decide who is your optimal literary agent to work with. For phase…  Read more

Writing Prompts, Gratitude and Thanksgiving Transformation

Just a few weeks ago, we still had blackberries and raspberries ripening in our garden--grateful for the bounty!

Every year, I send an e-mail around Thanksgiving Day that starts with thanking you for being part of my community and supporting me in doing work that is so fulfilling—helping people bring their books to life. Well, of course, I want to thank you once again. I also wondered about how I can thank you in a way that’s particularly meaningful and helpful to you. I figured one of the best gifts I could give you is to get you writing. So, here are a few writing prompts—choose one that inspires and write! List 25 gifts you’re thankful for. Include…  Read more

Author Resource Hunt : Congratulations to Our Winners

author resource hunt

Thanks to all who played the author resource hunt. I enjoyed hearing from participants that you found helpful information, inspiration, motivation and more. I was inspired by all your sharing–from writing breakthroughs to tips to captions and blog post ideas. I invite you to share your biggest takeaway and any commitment you are making as a result of the hunt (for example, “Connect with my muse daily during meditation”). Congrats to all the daily prizewinners. Our official prize winners for the final 3 prizes are: First Prize: Leena • Free download of Inspiration to Author – A complete roadmap to…  Read more