How Many Websites Should an Author Have?


A client recently wrote me this question, one I hear often enough that I decided to answer here publicly. “How many websites should an author have?” There are different schools of thought on whether an author who is also an entrepreneur should have two websites–one for the business and one for the books. Before I advise you, a bit of a background on SEO is helpful. SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Translation: Getting found on Google and other search engines. My husband Tom Patterson is an SEO Expert and here’s what he taught me: when someone types in a “keyword” or…  Read more

3 Things Authors Need to Know About Amazon

Howard VanEs, Amazon Expert

When it comes to book marketing, I learn half of what I know from my editing and publishing clients. So, when Cathy Turney, author of Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success told me her book was the #1 ebook sold on Amazon that day, I had to know what she was doing! Cathy put me in touch with Howard VanEs, an expert in both book publishing and book marketing who designed her book, a finalist for a Stevie Award for Best Business Book of the Year and Best Business Ebook of the Year. Howard graciously agreed to share…  Read more

Should I Focus on My Book/Proposal, Author Platform or Both?

book writing coach lisa tener

A client asked me today whether he should focus only on writing his book proposal or work on building his author platform at the same time. First, my advice to him, followed by my advice for you. For him: “I understand you’re feeling overwhelmed, but right now you’re not getting contact information for the people interested in your topic. If you write the proposal and completely wait to develop your platform, it will be a hurry up and wait scenario, where we can’t put the proposal out until we’ve built more platform.” [His is a fairly competitive category in the book…  Read more

“Should I Give Up?”: What Publishers Look for in A Memoir and What You Need to Know About Publishing a Memoir

you really should write a book

I received an e-mail from an aspiring author who  found my website recently. She had shopped around her memoir and it did not generate interest from publishers. Now she says she’s about to give up. In her words, she doesn’t want to publish an ebook. My sense was she did not necessarily have a solid understanding of what publishers look for in a memoir. She may have assumed that if her book was well written and would help people that would be enough. It’ s not. Publishing is a business and publishers need to make money. They want to be sure there is…  Read more

How to Write a Memoir? The 5 Things You Need to Know


So, you’re writing a memoir. And maybe you’re not sure how to start, or you just want to make sure you’re doing things right before you go off in a cave, or on retreat, to get it done. There are 5 mistakes I see all the time in memoirs: 1. Too broad a scope 2. Rambling 3. Telling 4. Over reliance on visual details 5. Generics You won’t have to make those mistakes when you keep these 5 points in mind: 1. This isn’t an autobiography: An autobiography is about a famous person, like a president or celebrity or sports figure,…  Read more