Simplicity, Book Writing and Teaching by Connecting

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I’d like to share a story about my recent experience with simplicity because it points to a powerful strategy for book writing. Every year when I send out the welcome letter for my Bring Your Book to Life© Program, I apologize for the length and quantity of information contained!  There’s just so much I need to impart about how to schedule the consultations with me, the questionnaire to fill out, what participants get with the program, how the optional accountability partner system works–and how to make it especially effective for you…the list goes on. The complexity troubled me. Even after cutting…  Read more

5 Authors Share the Quirky Workplace Skills That Make Them Successful in their Creative Writing Careers

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While writing a post for Writer’s Digest on 12 Workplace Skills to Apply to Your Creative Writing Career, I thought about how we often dismiss our previous jobs as irrelevant to our current life as writers. Yet, many of our best assets are skills we learned in those “irrelevant” jobs. Serving as Executive Director of the wonderful nonprofit organization Hospitality Homes taught me most of what I know about Marketing and PR. I learned everything from how to write a press release to how to interview someone about their compelling life experience to how to be informative—and even entertaining, I…  Read more

Publishing Trends and Tips from Julie Silver, MD

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Publishing is changing by the minute and the savvy author learns about these trends and shifts to see how she can avoid new pitfalls and leverage the trends to benefit. I’ve been speaking and writing on this subject quite a bit recently, most notably on the Huffington Post and on Live Write Thrive. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in this moment in publishing is to attend a course or conference. The Harvard Medical School publishing course (which offers CME credits for medical professionals, BTW) Achieving Healthcare Leadership and Impact through Writing, Publishing and Social Media is one of the best…  Read more

6 Trend-Savvy Book Publishing Strategies

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The publishing industry continues to be in a state of flux, but all you really need to know as an author is how that change affects you. I’ve been thinking about the 6 main trends I see in publishing and how authors can leverage those trends with publishing strategies that translate into reaching readers, selling books and having an impact. Hop on over to my post on the Huffington Post to see how you can avoid the pitfalls of publishing trends like competition, cost-cutting, digitiality–and actually benefit! And, please, share your comments on the Huffington Post–the most useful comments are insightful observations or…  Read more

SEO for Authors: How to Rank Higher on Google


SEO: Search Engine Optimization. In English? Having your website or book show up when someone Googles a term related to your book or business. Well, it’s a little more than that, too, as Ian Garlic will tell you. As a writer and writing coach, I know firsthand how important SEO is for being found by clients. And as an author, good SEO can help you sell many more books. Most authors don’t do a great job of SEO and their websites are not necessarily found that often by potential readers or potential clients. After meeting Ian Garlic when he joined…  Read more