Get That Summer Magic Working for Your Book


I’m loving the fireflies (they seem to be sticking around much longer this year), picking loads of raspberries in our yard, boogie-boarding with my son, enjoying family dinners on the porch and riding my new bike, though my eight-year-old still beats me in races. Summer is such a precious time; we want to drink in all the pleasures—from the smell of the honeysuckle to the taste of each blueberry. Summer can also be a wonderful time to write outdoors and be inspired by nature—the sounds, scents and sights that can infuse our writing with depth and feeling, as my Writing…  Read more

What’s a Forward? Oops, What’s a Foreword?

What's a forward?

“What’s a Forward?” A forward is the player on a team, who plays in front and helps score. Period. If we’re talking books, the correct question is: “What’s a foreword?” Be sure to spell it right if you’re asking someone to write one for your book! A foreword is an introductory section in a book that establishes the author’s credibility and establishes the usefulness or importance of a book. The foreword helps provide motivation for the reader to buy the book or to continue reading it. The foreword is not written by the author but by either an authority on the…  Read more

How to Write a Foreword

What's a foreword?

I’m sometimes asked how to write a foreword: What goes into a foreword? I’m a big believer in not being overly formulaic, so the following are guidelines for writing a foreword. Feel free to be creative. *  Share how you met the person or how you know them. This “social proof” establishes the connection between you and the author and helps establish the author’s credibility. *  Give a sense of the scope of the problem this book helps to solve. You may use statistics and research to back this up or personal experience and anecdotes. *  Share some specific credentials of the author: that she teaches at Harvard, that…  Read more

“Marketing Terrifies Me”: How to Overcome Fear of Marketing / Sales (for Authors and Others)

marketer of the year award

In preparing for her recent VIP Day consultation with me, a client divulged her immobilizing fear of marketing. She’s not alone. I’ve heard dozens, maybe hundreds, of variations on this theme for years  now. And, if you can imagine yourself saying these words, I want to be clear: It’s probably not marketing you’re terrified of. No. No. No. In a minute, I’ll share how to overcome fear of marketing or sales, but first, here’s my own admission: When Melissa Sones encouraged me to apply for “Marketer of the Year” from the American Business Awards, I felt that clutching fear in my tummy. I…  Read more

How Carol Lambert Got Unstuck, Finished Her Book Proposal and Signed a Book Deal


“Last summer I imagined being 80 years old and asked myself, ‘What regrets would I have?’ Not finishing and publishing my book. That would be a big regret.” Carol A. Lambert’s work on her book and book proposal had slowed down due to a couple of personal transitions. “Life got in the way. My progress was slow, on and off.” When she anticipated the potential regret of not finishing, Carol decided to make the book a priority again. “I felt stuck, though, not as energized. Then I got an email to sign up for the free call Writing in the Zone.” That call inspired Carol…  Read more