How to Get Published: 8 Social Media Tips to Get Noticed by Publishers


A few months ago, a woman contacted me on LinkedIn, introducing herself as an acquisitions editor at a niche publishing house. In search of new authors, she noticed the backgrounds and book titles of several authors I work with and asked if I might have any book proposals that could be a fit for her house. The timing could not have been better. I had an author in a very niched subject whose book proposal had been sitting with another publishing house that had expressed interest months before. The other seemed interested, but not exactly passionate or in a hurry to make an…  Read more

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Rachel Vane web designer

A few days ago I opened an e-mail with the kind of subject line you just can’t ignore: “Google Issues Warnings About Poor Search Rankings For Non-Mobile Sites.”   No author or business owner can afford to ignore Google! Apparently Google is making sure that people searching on devices like cell phones and tablets get useful search results, and a site that isn’t easy to view or navigate on a hand held device is not going to cut the mustard (where did that expression come from, anyway?). By all means read the article and see how mobile friendly your website is: take the…  Read more

Writing the Truth: A Reflection on Authenticity in Writing and Life

On the Virgin America airplane ride back from a writers conference, I watched three movies—a decadent luxury for this mompreneur. After watching a documentary about the life of one-time musical prodigy Ben Lee, I found myself inspired and wrote a song—not something I usually do. In fact, my family used to joke about how un-musical I am;  my childhood piano teacher begged my parents to send me for dance lessons—and not because she loved my Plié or Relevé. I found the song writing experience surprising and soul-nourishing in a way my other writing hadn’t been lately when I’d tried to write…  Read more

When a Famous Literary Agent Delegates Your Book Proposal

questions about literary agents

Once in a while, I hear from a client who signs with an upper echelon literary agent only to have that agent hand the project down to a less senior staff member. This is not a problem in itself as the staff member has more time to implement work on your proposal and, ideally, the big name agent will provide guidance and weigh in. However, sometimes the greener agent isn’t as excited about your project as her others since she didn’t choose it. She may also feel less comfortable with your project than others because she hasn’t taken ownership of it. Maybe…  Read more

Simplicity, Book Writing and Teaching by Connecting

book cover laws of simplicity

I’d like to share a story about my recent experience with simplicity because it points to a powerful strategy for book writing. Every year when I send out the welcome letter for my Bring Your Book to Life© Program, I apologize for the length and quantity of information contained!  There’s just so much I need to impart about how to schedule the consultations with me, the questionnaire to fill out, what participants get with the program, how the optional accountability partner system works–and how to make it especially effective for you…the list goes on. The complexity troubled me. Even after cutting…  Read more