Turning Points and Tips from the Writing and Publishing Journey

Dr. Randy Kamen

  I first met Dr. Randy Kamen at Harvard Medical School’s CME healthcare leadership and publishing course and knew I’d met a soul sister. Over the course of several years of conferences, we’ve traipsed through Boston neighborhoods together, teeth chattering while waiting to get into a tiny North End restaurant, staying up late into the night catching up on each other’s lives and families. One of my favorite accessories–a turqoise and orange pashmima–was discovered by Randy at Faneuil Hall during a colder than expected April sojourn. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Randy’s evolution as a writer, author, speaker and…  Read more

Have I Let You Down?

Have I let you down? I want to help you get your book done, out there, making a difference in people’s lives every single day—and in your own life, too. However, my conversation with Ian last week made me realize my folly. Ian said, “When I see your newsletter in my inbox.  I often put it aside to read later. I know there’s so much great content and I want to give it the time it takes. The problem is, I often get busy and don’t get back to it, despite my good intentions.” Well, that’s not going to help…  Read more

What Publishers Want: 5 Things a Publisher is Looking For When They Read Your Query or Book Proposal

real fit kitchen book cover

My clients have been busy this summer: 3 client books were published, 3 clients signed book deals, 5 are busy meeting publishing deadlines, 1 book just went on preorder and 1 client won an International Business Award for her book and ebook. Several are appearing in national media–OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s network), the Chicago Tribune, Glamour, Men’s Health and more. Wow, I feel like a proud midwife! Behind the scenes, while editing, I’ve also been shooting videos on how to write a book proposal for a new course–details soon. With all things publishing on my mind, I thought about where you may want to…  Read more

Whom Do I Contact First? Finding an Agent, Getting a Publisher and Sending a Book Proposal…


Are you at all confused about the order of finding an agent, getting a publisher and sending a book proposal? Do you wonder, “Where do I start?” A couple of days ago, Jennifer wrote this comment: Reading through your website and other people’s questions and ideas has been extremely helpful. I am very new to this, however, and I’m unsure of the process/protocol in finding a publisher, editor or literary agent. Is there an order of operations as to who to reach out to first and when?” The first question is easy to answer: First, reach out to a freelance editor…  Read more

How to Get a Publisher: Should I Pitch Them Directly or Get a Literary Agent?

Dream Therapy

98% of the time, my answer to the question of how to get a publisher used to be “Get a literary agent first.” Literary agents bring so much to the table—from their ability to garner several offers at a time, to their understanding of which acquisitions editor might be a perfect match for your book to their ability to negotiate a book deal. In fact, I would still say, if you think you can interest a literary agent, that is still generally my recommendation if you want to traditionally publish. And, most of the time, to get a literary agent and get a publisher—in…  Read more