Book Writing Coach

Maybe you’re ready to finally write your book. Or you may want to expand your audience through a monthly newsletter or share your expertise and reach a broad public by writing articles.
Lisa and her team can help you write your book or book proposal, and make decisions about whether to self-publish or find a traditional publisher.

Your Book Writing Coach Can Help You:

  • Get clear about your goals. This may include getting clarity on why you want to write, who you want to reach and what effect you want to have on people.
  • Develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.
  • Create a system for:
    • Taking action each week to reach your goals
    • Having accountability to support your success
    • Addressing any challenges you’re having in meeting your goals and overcoming any roadblocks to achievement
      Learning from “mistakes” and turning them into opportunities
  • Assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.
  • Organize and develop your book or book proposal.
  • Provide feedback on—and edit—your writing.
  • Expand your author platform.
  • Develop a powerful and effective promotion plan for your book.

In addition, your writing coach has the tools and insight to help you:

  • Get past baggage that’s getting in the way of success
  • Overcome creativity blocks
  • Prioritize projects
  • Manage your time effectively and find the time to write and get published
  • Make the process easier, more fun and more effective

Many people also choose to enroll in the Bring Your Book to Life® Program, where you benefit from a combination of:

  • Private consultations with Lisa
  • Step-by-step course materials to guide you through the book writing process
  • Interactive classes (by teleseminar or in person)
  • Feedback on your writing.

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E-mail Lisa to explore the possibility of working together (or if you want a referral or a writing coach in another genre such as fiction or children’s books).

Or call 401-477-0886

In a writing coaching program, you’ll develop your inspiring goal(s). Over the next sessions, you’ll develop the road map to reaching those goals by assessing where you are now in relation to those goals, creating a vision for where you want to be and developing and implementing your plan for getting there.

If you are looking for editing, book doctor services or help writing a winning book proposal, Lisa and her team are at your service with a proven track record to give you the expert help—and positive results—you desire. Note: in cases where Lisa provides a referral, she has hand picked high quality editors, writing coaches and experts in different fields (memoir, fiction, etc.) to refer you to. Note: Lisa works hard to find top notch editors of high integrity–and at different price ranges depending on your budget.  We do receive a commission–it will come out of the editor’s marketing budget, not your costs.

You can experience your coaching by phone, instant messaging or, if you live nearby, in person.