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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Steps to Take After Writing a Book: Book Marketing, Publishing and More

Wow, we had a great call on how to get started writing a book. I’ve answered over a dozen of the 224 questions and comments in the posts on how to start writing and how to write a memoir. Several people wrote to say they’d finished writing their books. What next? How do I market my book? How to publish? Digital or print? Here are some of their questions and my answers. Don’t see your question? Feel free to ask as a comment below and I promise to answer! Terrance asked: “Are there any useful hints/steps to take between a[...]


No Book Clarity? No Audience? No Platform? Do Not Overlook Your Gifts!

Tropical Island Paradise

A strong theme this week has been clients bemoaning their lack of… * Platform * A catchy title * Clarity on tone or direction …only to realize the incredible potential that lay beneath the surface—and in each case, the amazing foundation they had in place to build upon: *  The client who bemoaned she had no platform and sent me a mock up for a website unlikely to draw many fans due to a lack of focus: I discovered that she had a 20,000 person mailing list for her “other business” and pointed out a way to merge an event[...]

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Publishing Tips from a Top Literary Agent: An Interview with Regina Brooks

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Not long ago, participants in my Bring Your Book to Life Program had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from a wonderful literary agent and author, my friend, Regina Brooks. Not only did Regina provide insight and insider information about the publishing industry, but she gave special insights into writing and publishing a memoir. As co-author of You Should Really Write a Book: How to Write, Sell and Market Your Memoir, Regina provided advice that I know you’ll want to hear. [And you can win a copy of her book--read on] Rachel Horwitz has generously transcribed our class[...]


How to Write a First Sentence that Draws Readers In

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Here’s a great short book writing tip I had to share. After a bit of a false start with her first chapter, Bonnie Leonard returned to book writing class the next week having begun again. She shared a brilliant strategy I plan to try myself:  she asked herself how she could start her book–and each chapter–with a line that immediately drew in her readers. Bonnie’s solution was to write down the first line of 15  books she had around the house and see which ones worked and why. The result? When she shared her first sentences in class, we all[...]


Which Book to Write? 5 Steps to Decide

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Too many book ideas? It’s been a recent theme with clients this summer. Here are 5 Steps to help you decide which book to write…first. 1. What’s your big vision? Look at your long term vision for your life and your work? Which book supports that vision best? Perhaps rank each book from 1-5 in how much it supports the big vision. 2. Where’s your passion? Does one book hold more passion than the others? Again, use the 5 point system to evaluate. 3. What’s most marketable? Give extra points to the books that are more marketable–if one of your[...]

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