“My Writing Process” Blog Tour

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My friend and colleague, novelist Betty J. Cotter invited me to be part of the My Writing Process Blog Tour this week. Betty is the author of the novels The Winters and Roberta’s Woods. She holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College and was named the 2006 fiction fellow by the R.I. State Council on the Arts. She teaches English at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Conn., and creative writing and journalism at the University of Rhode Island. Her work has appeared in Bibliophilos, Grace magazine, the Ocean State Review, and the Connotation Press, and she writes book…  Read more

What Next After a First Draft? Writing Tips from An Angelic Insider

angel guide Bridget Engel

“It was like completing an Ironman,” Bridget Engel shared in her angelic voice and New Zealand accent.  While completing  a solid first draft of 7 of her 8 chapters of Guidance to Go in my Bring Your Book to Life(R) Program put Bridget on Cloud 9, it also took it’s toll. “I felt like my creative juice had been used up and I needed to take a break from the book, not just from writing it physically, but letting it go mentally and emotionally. I had to stop thinking about it.” Being an Angel Guide and Coach, Bridget has a…  Read more

Julia Griffin on Writing Flow and the Power of Inner Connection

Julia Griffin

My life, my work, my relationships and my writing have all reached new heights since I began working with Julia Griffin. I have recommended her intuitive services to many clients who have since reached new heights in their work, writing and lives. So, when she asked me to be part of the Power of Inner Connection Telesummit, I didn’t have to check my schedule before I said a big “YES.” I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing about Finding the Inner Muse and Writing in the Zone on July 23–and there are 22 more reasons (interviews) for you to sign up…  Read more

How Award Winning Author Dr. Vint Virga, Featured in the New York Times, Applies His Work Skills to Writing

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Two of the most exciting parts of my work are when a client gets a publishing offer for their book and when a client gets recognized for the amazing work they are doing. Both of those things happened this week. While, I can’t reveal the publishing offer before the contract is signed, I can share Dr. Vint Virga‘s New York Times debut. Vet Behaviorist Dr. Vint Virga, author of The Soul of All Living Creatures, which won a Nautilus Award in May, is featured for his work in today’s Sunday New York Times Magazine and you can read it here….  Read more

What to Put on an Author Website

Nowadays, every author needs a website. Agents and publishers expect an author website before you ever contact them. And your website may well be a top way readers find you and your book. And, so, many of my clients find themselves  asking me, “What do I need? Can you look at my author website and tell me what’s missing?” I’ve answered these questions so frequently lately, I figured it’s time for a post on the subject: What to Put on an Author Website: 12 “Must Haves” 1. Your Name: Okay, obvious that your name should be on your page. Make…  Read more

Questions to Ask a Publisher and How to Negotiate a Publishing Contract

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As we prepare for the final class of my Bring Your Book to Life® Program–a bonus call with literary agent Jody Rein–a participant sent in one of the most exciting questions you can imagine. A traditional publisher is interested in her book after reading the proposal. They had a few questions for clarification before bringing the book proposal to the editorial board. She wanted to know what’s next. In particular, she wondered what questions to ask a publisher once you have a book offer in hand. Here are a few questions I recommended: 1. What’s their vision for the book?…  Read more

10 Things First Graders Can Teach You About Writing Anything

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My son’s first grade teacher asked if I’d volunteer to teach a writing lesson with the class as school winds down. I enjoy turning kids onto writing and I love the enthusiasm they bring to a creative project. Of course, I said, “Yes.” I didn’t want to take lots of time to prepare so I picked something really easy–Haiku poems. We talked about the Haiku form, which you may remember from English class as a poem of 5 syllables-7 syllables-and a final line of 5 syllables.  We wrote examples as a group together. Then the children wrote their own as…  Read more

Meet PR Intern Janine Squillante

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to meet many bright, creative and hardworking young people through internships with the University Of Rhode Island (URI) and Brown University. This summer, public relations major Janine Squillante is working on PR and social media. She’s adding beautiful visual images to our author quotes and writing tips for social media, interviewing authors for How-to-write-a-book.com and researching new ways to reach our community and provide value to you. Says Janine, “My first author interview is with Gail Alofsin, author of Your Someday is Now. I started reading the book and realized how much the lessons…  Read more

How Your Lack of Credentials May Be Your Greatest Author Asset


Kari Vernon, a participant in my Bring Your Book to Life Program, called today to thank me for facilitating several breakthroughs this week while she’s been on retreat working hard on her book. “But I still feel I have to make up for not being an expert in my field. I’m thinking I need a logo, marketing materials–and I need to make them really good to make up for my lack of mainstream credentials.” So, I told her a story about when my husband needed back surgery. I secured him an appointment with the top doctor at one of the…  Read more

Editing Tips from Writing Class


I’m in the midst of editing manuscripts and providing feedback for participants in my Bring Your Book to Life Program and it’s thrilling to witness the variety, the wisdom and the diversity of voices! I thought I’d share a editing tips that are coming up consistently and that might help you with your writing. 1. Write to a Specific Person: imagine a specific person in mind when you write. You might even picture this person in your mind. They can be real or imagined. Your writing will automatically become more engaging and conversational when you do this. When you write…  Read more