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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Your Author Platform: 3 Things I’ve Learned from Linda Joy

When Linda Joy invited me to become an advisory board member of Aspire Magazine, I got goose bumps. Linda is all about delivering inspiration to women–a mission I could get behind. Two plus years later, my community has grown significantly, partly through knowing Linda and being part of all that is Aspire magazine online and Inspired Living Publishing. Linda truly knows how to create a “village” and reach people with her inspired message. You may know that recently Linda and I decided to team up and offer you our combined secrets on both sides of the book equation—book writing and book[...]

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Writing a Book? Don’t be Shy…

In book writing class last night, Sarah mentioned that she wasn’t able to write during the hours she planned this weekend because her husband, her main supporter, was out of town. Instead of writing, she drove her daughter to 5 soccer scrimmages. During the call, Sarah realized that she could have reclaimed her time by asking another mom to help transport her daughter. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be the perfect mom and trying to do it all, but your book may not get written that way, certainly not in 8 weeks. A classmate on[...]

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Celebrate Your Accomplishments

My very first coach, Wendy Keilin, taught me to end the year by celebrating the year’s accomplishments. It’s so easy to look ahead and make some crazy list of the 5 million things you plan to accomplish in 2010. You can do that. Just, first, take a deep breath and enjoy all the gifts of the past year. Let’s start with work and purpose: – What are you proud of doing or accomplishing in 2009? – Did you make any improvements to your business or work life? – Did you take any steps, however small, to make your dreams come[...]


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