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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

How to I Make My Writing More Creative? Fun? Playful?


What can feel worse to a writer than being bored by your own writing? On my way to the library yesterday to write with my friend Bonnie, I took a project I’ve been playing around with thinking it would be the easiest thing to work on. It was–as long as I didn’t care about quality. The writing came out all blah, blah, blah. So, today, when I met with my writing coach via phone this afternoon, I asked her to walk me through the exercise I lead my clients through–my “meet your muse” visualization. I usually lead my clients in[...]

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How to Write with Ease: Brief Video Chat

As you may know, next week at the San Francisco Writers Conference,  I’ll be sharing how to get into that space where you are writing your most inspired writing and the words flow with ease. I call it “Writing in the Zone.” Here’s a sneak peek at the workshop where I discuss the first step, clearing your mind (and body, workspace…anything that needs clearing) so you can enter that sacred inner space to write. Many thanks to Anne Hill for introducing me to Google Hangouts and for this fun interview. Yes, there is still time to sign up for my[...]

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One More Poem

writing coach Lisa Tener

While I promise this book writing and publishing blog will not turn into a poetry blog, I felt I left you with a rather intense image with yesterday’s post/poem and thought a little word play might lighten things up. I wrestle a noun I wrestle a noun till it yells “Uncle,” Lasso a verb and reel it in. Tussle with tenses, Find a few prepositions Within a box in a closet under the stairs. Can’t resist and reach for the stars Where I nab a sparkly adjective Despite Frank Conroy’s warning, “Don’t touch that.” And oh-those-tempting adverbs. Slowly, hesitantly, I[...]


Where Do We Do Our Best Writing?

lisa writing beach

A traditional favorite spot is the beach, though I have yet to write on the beach this summer. I’ve been thinking lately about where we find our inspiration and do our best writing. Some of the places that have worked for me this summer: – A dock on the river under a tree: It was cool and the sounds of nature and human activity provided inspiration. I was also accompanied by two of my favorite writing friends, Tracy Hart and Ginger Moran. – In bed in the morning: When I still have a toe in the dream state, the writing[...]


Tapping into Divine Guidance for Book Writing, Publishing, and a Selling Experience that is Fun and Massively Profitable: An Interview with Jeanna Gabellini

Lisa:  Welcome! This is Lisa Tener and I am so excited to have with me Jeanna Gabellini who is going to teach us about tapping into divine guidance for book writing, publishing, and a selling experience that is fun and massively profitable. Jeanna: We’re going to have fun. Lisa:  I always tell authors, “If you’re having fun, your readers are having fun. And if you’re not, they’re probably not.”  Let me share a few words about Jeanna: Jeanna is a master business coach who assists high-achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double and even triple their profits by leveraging intention[...]

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