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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Holiday Giving Guide

The past month has been marked by a flurry of publications by my clients and Bring Your Book to Life Program graduates. It seemed appropriate, then, to help spread the word while assisting with any of your last-minute gift-giving needs. Here is a list of practical, inspiring, entertaining and sometimes even life-changing books by these clients: Self-Help Manifest Your Man, by Stacy Corrigan A great gift for single women or women seeking to improve their romantic relationship–the Manifest Your Man Companion Set features the  book Manifest Your Man® – Unlock the Secret to Bring Love  into Your Life and the Manifest[...]


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The Right Kick to Start Your Book


New author, Mike Shaw, recently finished his book How to Make Rheinberg Filters, for the Hobbyist and Professional, but before the completed product, Shaw experienced something all writer’s encounter: writer’s block. Although the idea was lingering in his head, he needed something to kick-start the process and compel him to write, but what? The Quick Start to Kick-Start Your Book, of course! Through an invitation to Lisa Tener’s webinar, Shaw discovered this helpful guidebook and followed its steps through to fruition. Shaw was kind enough to answer a few questions about Quick Start that will help other authors overcome their[...]

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E-books, Websites, Publicity: Answers to John’s Questions

John Perini asked a number of great questions about e-books and publicity as a comment to another post. I am answering them here as a post, because I thought the Write Your Book community might find them enlightening: 1. Do you feel it is OK to write a book for publication as an e-book and if yes, do you provide coaching support for such a project? Yes, John, e-books are a viable way to publish your book–there’s no cost to print copies, no need to stack inventory, you can create it instantly. It really comes down to what your goals[...]

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