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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Questions to Ask a Publisher and How to Negotiate a Publishing Contract

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As we prepare for the final class of my Bring Your Book to Life® Program–a bonus call with literary agent Jody Rein–a participant sent in one of the most exciting questions you can imagine. A traditional publisher is interested in her book after reading the proposal. They had a few questions for clarification before bringing the book proposal to the editorial board. She wanted to know what’s next. In particular, she wondered what questions to ask a publisher once you have a book offer in hand. Here are a few questions I recommended: 1. What’s their vision for the book?[...]

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San Francisco Writers Conference 2014: Writing Workshops, Publishing Panels and More

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The first writers conference I ever attended was offered by the International Woman Writers Guild. It was both magical and instrumental to my publishing success. There, I met agent Rita Rosenkranz who offered me advice that ultimately got my first book (The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Anger) published. It also taught me the value of being part of a community of writers. Since then I treasure any time at writers conferences–teaching or participating. I’m especially looking forward to my first experience of the famed San Francisco Writers Conference which starts February 13. Many colleagues have shared what an outstanding writers[...]

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Publishing Decision: How Much Money Can an Author Make?

I recently received this e-mail: “Dear Lisa, “I’m wondering if anywhere on your site you discuss money, as in what a typical new author will make per book by signing w/traditional publisher versus what an author will make by becoming the publisher…taking into account marketing budget needed to do marketing regardless of which way you go. I know terms vary by contract, but it’s important. Just wondering because too many authors get that shock too late in the process and regret having signed… ” It’s a great question, but it’s important to take a step back. When I consult with[...]

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How to Get a Publisher: What Every Publisher is Looking for in a New Author

I just got an e-mail tonight from an acquisitions editor congratulating one of my clients, Bring Your Book to Life Program graduate Leslie Shapiro: The editorial board had approved her manuscript and they’d be sending a book contract shortly. One thing that struck me in this process was Leslie’s flexibility. When the editor suggested a title change, Leslie immediately let her know she was open to the experience and wisdom of the editor and the editorial board. Many authors feel understandably protective when it comes to changes to their book, but the truth is that a publisher has loads more[...]


The Truth About Author Platform

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Sometimes people feel demoralized when they hear they need a huge platform to get the interest of a large traditional publisher. So I thought I’d provide some myth-busting, clarity and hope on the subject. Are publishers looking for big platforms in general? Yes. But… 1. There are always exceptions to the rules: don’t rule your book out if you don’t have the platform. 2. Get creative: I’ve helped clients think creatively about leveraging other businesses, connections or opportunities they hadn’t considered, helping them attract an agent and clinch a book deal, even as a first time author with what looked[...]


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