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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Steps to Take After Writing a Book: Book Marketing, Publishing and More

Wow, we had a great call on how to get started writing a book. I’ve answered over a dozen of the 224 questions and comments in the posts on how to start writing and how to write a memoir. Several people wrote to say they’d finished writing their books. What next? How do I market my book? How to publish? Digital or print? Here are some of their questions and my answers. Don’t see your question? Feel free to ask as a comment below and I promise to answer! Terrance asked: “Are there any useful hints/steps to take between a[...]


Publishing Decision: How Much Money Can an Author Make?

I recently received this e-mail: “Dear Lisa, “I’m wondering if anywhere on your site you discuss money, as in what a typical new author will make per book by signing w/traditional publisher versus what an author will make by becoming the publisher…taking into account marketing budget needed to do marketing regardless of which way you go. I know terms vary by contract, but it’s important. Just wondering because too many authors get that shock too late in the process and regret having signed… ” It’s a great question, but it’s important to take a step back. When I consult with[...]

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The Future of Print Books: New Data on Ebooks vs. Print


This morning, book designer, Mark Gelotte,  sent me a link to a recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that the trend toward ebooks is leveling out and that non-fiction book readers tend to favor print. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 90% of e-book readers continue to read physical volumes. What does this mean for you as a nonfiction author? If you’re planning to self publish, you may want to offer both print and ebook versions. On a panel at the Harvard Medical School CME publishing course last week, Literary Agent and author of You Should Really Write a[...]

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How to Get Published by Gateway Publishers: An Interview with Author Ginger Moran


When my colleague, Ginger Moran told me her novel, The Algebra of Snow, was being published by a gateway press, I was curious–and knew my readers would be interested, too. What is a gateway press? What’s the advantage over self publishing? Here are Ginger’s answers and a bit more about her edgy novel which I absolutely loved (I ordered 5 copies as gifts!). Lisa: Before we get to the gateway press that’s publishing the Algebra of Snow, can you tell my readers a bit about the history of the book? It was nominated for the Pushcart Editor’s Choice Award—a special[...]


Boost Your Book Writing with a Blog

Book Writing Coach and publishing expert Lisa Tener

On Social Women this past Tuesday, Pat Paolino Cruz, Bronwyn Dannenfelser and Amy Diaz asked great questions about blogging and book writing. In response, I shared some of the synergies that happen when you blog and how your blog can help your book. Here’s the video, with lots more information on book writing, publishing and 3 of my favorite tips for getting started–and I even provide some homework at the end. If you take on the assignment, please come back to the blog and share your insights this exercise is sure to create for you. Here are 9 ways blogging[...]


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