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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

“I Can’t Get Published”: Oh, Yes, You Can. Here’s How to Get Published

I recently received an e-mail that began, “I have worked so tenaciously to find the right traditional book publisher to publish my memoir…” The author was starting to give up, lamenting that if she were rich and famous her book would be published. “There is no support for first time authors.” I waited to respond to the author because the whole disempowered tone of it irritated me. I knew I shouldn’t answer an e-mail in that state.  So, let’s look at this as an opportunity: Here’s the truth. Publishers do publish first time authors–their memoirs, how-to books and even novels![...]


How the Pros Promote Books: An Interview with Hay House Digital Marketing/PR Specialist Wioleta Gramek

Wioleta Gramek, Digital Marketing/PR Specialist for Hay House

New addition to this post:  Enter the contest below to win a free ticket to a Hay House Event! I met Wioleta Gramek, Digital Marketing/PR Specialist for Hay House, on the first day of Book Expo America (BEA) and was immediately drawn to her warm smile. When she mentioned how much book promotion is changing and that some of the things that worked a year ago aren’t working anymore, I became curious. What is working? What new things are they trying? Here’s what Wioleta shared with me: Lisa: What are some of the things that make it easiest to market[...]


How to Make the Most of VIP Encounters (Hint: Social Media)

One of my Bring Your Book to Life students e-mailed me to say that she would be meeting a VIP in the medical world in a few short weeks at a networking luncheon through her husband’s business. She asked how to best approach him. A foreword or even a blurb from him would be a real coup. And perhaps he might offer advice on the book publishing and promotion front. In the old days, she’d probably have to wait until the event to introduce herself, but nowadays we can connect easily and become part of someone’s community at the click[...]


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