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For the Love of Bringing Books to Life: Write, Publish, and Be Known

Where Do We Do Our Best Writing?

lisa writing beach

A traditional favorite spot is the beach, though I have yet to write on the beach this summer. I’ve been thinking lately about where we find our inspiration and do our best writing. Some of the places that have worked for me this summer: – A dock on the river under a tree: It was cool and the sounds of nature and human activity provided inspiration. I was also accompanied by two of my favorite writing friends, Tracy Hart and Ginger Moran. – In bed in the morning: When I still have a toe in the dream state, the writing[...]


Win an Award to Boost Your Book or Business

lisa tener book writing coach

When I saw that my coach and client, Teri Scheinzeit won Best Mentor/Coach of the Year 2011, I thought, here’s the answer to something I know I’m not the only one pondering: “How do I help people see instantly that what I’m offering is the best program out there?” A national award–yes. This got me to thinking about awards in general and how powerful they can be. Not only for me, but for my clients. * Sell More Books: Awards always contribute to book sales–through increased credibility, links from the awards site to your book and pr that mentions your award or even[...]


11 Reasons to Write Your Book in 2011

1. Targeting: Wouldn’t you love to have a portfolio EXCLUSIVELY of ideal clients—those people you just LOVE to work with, who leave you energized and full of a sense of purpose? There’s no better way to attract your ideal clients than to write a book for them. 2. A Boost for High End Sales: One of my clients, Evana Maggiore, says that a $25 book sale off the internet often results in someone devouring her book, Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention, in one sitting and then registering for a $3,000 plus seminar. What could your book[...]


Lose Weight: Write a Book?

Over the years, I’ve had several people come to me and say, “I need a book writing coach. I have to write my book. I keep gaining weight and I know I will lose that weight when I write my book.” One beautiful soul told me recently that her belly actually looks pregnant, “I’ve gained weight in different places before and this time it’s all in my belly. One of my sons even asked me if we were going to have another baby. I know it’s my book. I’m pregnant and I need to give birth!” What is that about?[...]


Robin Kall, host of Reading with Robin Shares How Writing Transformed Her Life

In preparation for my presentation, Express Yourself in Writing and Transform Your Life, I’ve been asking some writer friends how writing has transformed their lives. Robin Kall has kept a journal since third grade.  She says that she first thought that if she didn’t write every day she should just give up on the whole thing. Once she let go of that pressure, she let herself do it her own way, sometimes just jotting down a few notes–a handful memories of an event, for instance. When Robin found she had something to say to someone but didn’t feel safe enough[...]


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