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A Big Leap in Author Platform: Victoria Dunckley’s Big Breakthrough

victoria dunckley

Have you been putting one foot in front of the other with your author platform–writing blog posts, showing up for social media, tweeting about colleague’s posts, and wondering when your platform might take off? Here’s a true life story to inspire you to keep doing what you’re doing. You never know where the next small step will take you. I received this e-mail from my client, Victoria Dunckley, MD, addressed to me and Vicki’s agent and publisher after I forwarded a link to her and suggested she posts a comment. You won’t believe what happened next: “A few weeks ago[...]


Reflections on Passion and Platform

I just received this in my inbox from a client who wanted to set up a call about platform building: “I’m so immersed in my book, at the moment.  I spent the day editing, from your suggestions, the first four chapters. I’ve fallen in love with my book, once again. ” Developing a platform as an author is important, especially if you want a traditional publisher to publish your book, or if your goal is to reach a large number of people. However, many times people go about building their following or author platform by doing what everyone tells them–”You[...]

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The Secret to Selling Books

Brian Burt

If you missed my call with MaestroConference Founder and CEO Brian Burt, Building a Global Community Around Your Work in the World, listen here: Week 1: April 23, 2013 [Download MP3] When it comes down to it, selling books is pretty simple, really: – Write a great book–one you’re passionate about and get professional help to make it shine. Work on it until it does. – Connect with readers–to do that you need to know who they are and where they hang out. You need to truly connect–by being you, being real and leading meaningful conversations. And you can do[...]

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Publicity and Author Platform on a Shoestring: A Frugal Tip for for Free PR

Book writing coach Lisa Tener

Publicity–or–PR can be incredibly expensive–and sometimes you hit the jackpot, but other times clients can be left holding the bag wondering just where all that money they invested went and what they accomplished. So, I’m always looking for new ideas for free or frugal PR. Here’s one I came up with for the cost of a poster board and the wear and tear on a magic marker: I was speaking to a literary agent colleague about the book proposal of an author I’m working with and the agent asked if we can send a sample chapter and mini proposal before[...]

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No Book Clarity? No Audience? No Platform? Do Not Overlook Your Gifts!

Tropical Island Paradise

A strong theme this week has been clients bemoaning their lack of… * Platform * A catchy title * Clarity on tone or direction …only to realize the incredible potential that lay beneath the surface—and in each case, the amazing foundation they had in place to build upon: *  The client who bemoaned she had no platform and sent me a mock up for a website unlikely to draw many fans due to a lack of focus: I discovered that she had a 20,000 person mailing list for her “other business” and pointed out a way to merge an event[...]

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