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Can Writing Your Book Be Easy?

head-on-hands-on-booksWriting a book can certainly be easier than most people make it.

I’ve been providing book concept consultations for the students in my book writing class this week and have been struck by how many of them have struggled for years with writing their book.

They started and stopped. Or they keep thinking of different ideas and finding reasons that they shouldn’t write that particular book.

Or they worry that they may hit writer’s block–before they’ve even given their book a chance.

One reason people make it so hard for themselves is that they feel some degree of resistance. On the one hand, I want to write my book. On the other, I’m scared. Will it be bad? Will people think I’m an idiot? What will people think of my book?

Dig deeper and I find that people are scared of expanding. When you write a book you become bigger than you were before. You reach more people with your message. You’re more responsible to be in your full power and integrity. Are you up to it?

I had one student imagine that her book is already written, published and making a difference in her readers’ lives and her own life. She began to describe herself writing her second book. “This one’s so easy to write. I’ve learned so much from the first book, which was so challenging. This one is just flowing.”

I asked her to imagine that she’s writing the second book whenever she sits down to write. Forget about book one. Make this one book two–the easy one. She loved the idea. Find a way to make your book writing playful, easy. You don’t have to psychoanalyze yourself. Just find a shortcut. Or tell yourself a story. And…Have FUN.

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Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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  1. Lynette says

    Great stuff, Lisa. I always look forward to receiving your insights–and encouragement.

    I’m going to try to make it to one of your New England classes.

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