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Contest: Your Author Dream

dream party pat and lisa
Pat and me at The Dream Party®. Can you tell what our dreams are? I’ll tell you later in the post.

The other day, my client and friend, Pat Hastings told me that she recently gave a book talk at a church and someone in the audience invited her to come to Hawaii and give workshops.

Pat happens to have a picture of Maui on her vision board and she’s dreamed of visiting the island for years. Looks like another of her many author dreams is coming true.

In the two years since retiring from her full-time  job as a substance abuse counselor, Pat has manifested the following dreams:

Pat’s book, Simply a Woman of Faith has helped hundreds of people lead happier lives.

– Hosting her own radio show, Let Miracles Find You

– Leading retreats in Bermuda

– Leading workshops on a cruise

– Becoming a spiritual life coach

– Bringing spirituality to the workplace by delivering lunch-time talks at workplaces.

And all these dreams are possible because she first fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author. Since being her writing coach, we’ve switched roles a bit–I’ve experienced Pat’s workshops through private tele-coaching Pat has helped me with several personal goals and bring more peace, ease and grace into my life.

Becoming an author often is the key to unlocking many of our dreams, whether it be a new work, exotic travel, meeting amazing people, high profile speaking gigs, prosperity or new opportunities.

Self Proclaimed Spa Goddess Alayne White and another Dream Party® dreamer.

So, I want to offer you the opportunity today to share your author dream–comment below and give us the juicy details of your dream–what would your life be like as a published author?

The juiciest response gets a free ticket to The Dream Party® this October (value is priceless, but the cost is $44.50 (through Sept. 30), $54.50 at the door (if they don’t sell out).


You could win this book!

If you live too far away to join us, but have a big, inspiring author dream, you can win a copy of Are You Pregnant With a Dream? from Tara Sage Steeves.

So, why am I giving away a ticket to The Dream Party? It’s one of the most inspiring and powerful events I have ever attended. Just imagine coming (and dressing) as you aspire to be in 5 years. What would you wear?

Upon arriving, you cross over the bridge to the future, leave your “shoulds” at the door and speak with everyone as if your dream has already manifested. And everyone you speak to speaks from their dream, as well.

Tara Sage Steeves, Creator of The Dream Party®

What a privilege to witness all these dreams being born and get a glimpse of them coming to fruition. It’s such a fun, playful event. You also get to enter the time machine and mail a letter to yourself from future to present self. And it gets mailed back to you a year later!

As someone who helps aspiring authors create their dream lives through publishing a book–The Dream Party makes my heart sing. I’ll be there as a member of the “Dream Team” facilitating dreams, along with a fabulous group of people who can help you with all your dreams–dream job, dream life, dream body, dream house, dream mate…

I’d love to see you there. Share your author dream below and, if you win the

“Own Your Money” Coach Belinda Fuchs and another Dream Party dreamer

“most inspiring author dream” contest–you come free.

And if you live too far, you can still win a copy of Tara’s book. Of course, the most powerful reason to enter is not winning a prize, but by putting your dream in writing, you can experience the power of creating it the way Pat has manifested so many of her dreams.

So, enter your author dream as a comment below and dream with us!

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

Reader Interactions


  1. Pat Hastings says

    Hi Lisa, yes dreams do come true and it has been an exciting journey of following my dreams and stepping out in faith. Doors have opened and will continue to open as I allow Spirit to guide me. And the key is allowing myself to receive and not trying to make things happen. When we have a connection to our Higher Power, miracles will find us and we know we have everything we need on this journey called LIFE. Thank you for being an integral part of my life and helping me to birth my book. You are an amazing being of light and love. I love our picture together. Remember, the best is yet to come. Whooooo……

  2. Robin Gillette says

    Hi Lisa,
    I believe dreams come true, too. Working with you on my book is manifesting one of my biggest dreams. I know the best is yet to come. I am attending the Dream Party this year and I urge anyone who has doubts about attending to take a leap of faith and either enter this contest for a free ticket or purchase a ticket yourself. I’ve heard wonderful feedback about the Dream Party and I can’t wait to cross the bridge to the future and play out my dreams! See you there.

  3. lisatener says

    Hi Pat and Robin,
    I’d love to hear your dreams just for fun. What’s next (5 years hence?)
    Okay, guess I gotta play the game too.
    But you know what I come as every year–an enlightened being. Once I came as that, anything else couldn’t quite compare.
    Still, let’s see. What’s my 5 year dream? Certainly more books. And I spend my mornings writing, walking and playing, and work a leisurely 4 or so hours a day. I’ve helped millions of people get in touch with their muse and enjoy writing, helped thousands become published authors and helped quite a few become bestsellers. How’s that for my 5 year aspiration? Your turn…

  4. Mary Ann Bella says

    My dream is to get a grant to upgrade my audio recording equipment, work full-time on my book and make a difference by publishing “Changing the Order of Things.” This is the behind-the-scenes story of ending the dual school system in North Carolina, told by people who were directly involved. I want others to know of their courage and how they (and others they represent) contributed to massive cultural change in society. I would like to see this book used in university classes on education, black history and sociology.

  5. Martha Rhodes says

    My Author Dream is to be able to support myself so I can write a book about surviving and thriving with clinical depression through innovative, alternative therapies to routine medication. The working title is:

    Where Did I Go, or Was I Ever Really Here?
    An uncommon journey to recovery from Major Depressive Disorder
    By Martha Rhodes

    For twenty-five years I’ve been a successful NY City advertising executive, and then I almost died from Major Depressive Disorder. When I didn’t die, I needed to figure out how to live, but I couldn’t find anyone in the regular channels of mental health care to provide me with medication that helped. I decided to try an alternative therapy called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

    TMS has been hugely successful for me. ABC News and FOX TV have broadcast interviews and are sharing my story about TMS. I am now meeting with insurance companies along side the company who makes the equipment for TMS, as well as working with the hospital to promote it. This book will tell the story of alternatives that are available to people who don’t respond to traditional medication and therapies.

    My Author Dream is to help others who suffer from depression by sharing my experience and providing them with information and resources that go beyond the ten-minute visit to a psychiatrist’s office for another “trial and error” attempt to find a viable medication. It’s a survival story wrapped up in factual drama of the medical profession and insurance industry.

  6. Nora Hall says

    Hi LIsa,
    My dream is to become a retirement guru, working those who are struggling with their new life stage and helping them find so many ways to love what truly can become the best part of life–and of course, I would not mind doing this all over the world––all expenses paid!

  7. Anne Burnett says

    My author dream is too write what I witness, experience and imagine as a means to live. Trips to Hawaii and material treasurers are wonderful and I do not belittle them in anyway. But the ability to write an experience on paper and share that with others …is priceless to me and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. Today, I took my youngest son to Boston Children’s as it was thought his heart was enlarged by recent tests. The past few days leading up to this visit has been a constant parade of “what ifs” marching in my mind, leaving me examining life and its truly limited length. As I am passionate about writing, my son is passionate about basketball and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of his desires. His dream like other 6’1 13 year olds, is to be drafted by the NBA. This past week, he has been unable to take gym or exercise at all due to precautionary measures taken by his pediatrician. So today when the cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital announced Mattie’s tests were excellent and his heart normal, Mattie retorted to the doctor “I have basketball tryouts tonight” and the doctor replied “good luck!” I want a lifetime of good lucks for all that we are passionate about.

  8. Heidi Reed says

    Here is my dream: I am the successful author who wrote that really delightful best-selling book called “How to Get Your Sparkle Back.” It was published by the spring of 2012. It was a breath of fresh air in the market and millions of women (and of course even some men) took great pleasure in reading it over and over again. It became a NY Times bestseller. I attended nearly 20 book readings all across the country, which I really loved doing. It even was a hit in Europe, and I did a reading in London. It’s 2015 and I still receive emails regularly from readers who have thanked me for writing the book, because it gave them a fresh, new perspective that sparked positive and meaningful changes. The book was featured in O Magazine and People, among others. I had the chance to speak on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira before a live audience, which was a very surreal but fun experience! The income from the book allowed me to quit my cubicle job and write full time from home. I travel often for pleasure. I give large donations to the charities that I love most. I live in New York City in my dream townhouse. The one just off Central Park in the 70s that has a spacious kitchen in the back with French doors that lead out to a beautiful garden where my cats can roam. My office where I write is on the top floor. I’m enjoying following my inspirations as they come to me. As a published author I feel a deep sense of peace and gratitude for being able to do what I love full time and help others in the process. And I feel so blessed by all the amazing, supportive people I met along the way that helped me make my dreams a reality!

  9. Martha Rhodes says

    To Heidi Reed: Thank you for such a vivid, inspiring account of your dream! I’m going to take mine out of the “I’d like to have this happen so that I can….” frame work and put it in your brilliant format: AS IF IT HAS HAPPENED! Again, thank you so much! I hope I meet you at the Dream Party.

  10. lisatener says

    Thank you all for your inspiring author dreams. We have our winners, but you are all winners! What inspiring posts.
    Heidi Reed wins a free ticket to The Dream Party and Mary Ann Bella wins a free copy of Tara’s book: Are You Pregnant with a Dream?
    Hope to see all of you at the amazing dream party! Tickets are still available at

  11. jackie paulson says
    I want to offer you the opportunity today to share your author dream–comment below and give us the juicy details of your dream–what would your life be like as a published author?
    OK, I don’t want to take your trip. I do want to tell you, God, and the universe that I am not yet a published author. I am working on a poem book planning to find a publisher (YOU) and get it done by Jan 2011. You came highly recommended by your friend. I did not read the above comments nor did I notice when the contest ends.
    My life as a published author: would be the greatest accomplishement in my 40’s. I have accomplished so much before then. I have not done anything yet and I am 43. So…I will be 44 when I get published and the world will want my poems book. I already feel it see it and now it. I will sign a copy and give you one for free as You will be my publisher. Love and bless you, Jackie Paulson

    • lisatener says

      Hi Jackie! I look forward to seeing your book when it’s published. While I’m not a publisher, nor a poetry expertise (my expertise is nonfiction/how-to/memoir), I would be happy to recommend a poetry editor/expert when you’re ready for that! Good luck and thanks for sharing your dream.

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