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The Winner Is…

Here are the final posts from our November month of writing support. Thank you to everyone for your inspiring shares and congratulations on your progress this month. And the winner of a free consultation with me is Kirsty Greenshields

Kirsty Greenshields:

Okay, here’s my contest entry …. My goal for November was to have completed at least six chapters of my book “Women, Money and Intimacy”. I’m doing the 8 week course, and want to have my first draft finished by Christmas. I stalled for a few days and then got back into it, going deeper into my own journey with relationship and money. I came up against a really challenging time in my life and just couldn’t go back to writing for about a week. This morning I sat down to write again and I asked myself the hard question about that time. The flow of tears matched the flow of words on the page – it was amazing. I feel like I have released a burden that was much larger than I realised. The funny thing was, it was not only the energy of words that flowed this morning, but a whole heap of money energy today too! I love that.

Kandan Ibelieveinyou Chhabra

I am finishing up my upcoming book “Soulgasms: How to be a Joyful Creator”

Yvonne Scott

Having been in the labor process of birthing this book for almost NINE YEARS, I made a commitment with an author friend of mine living nearby to meet weekly as support for our individual writing projects. She tasked me with a timeline for completing the book last weekend. I did it and I watched the process get clearer and clearer. The Preface which I’ve re-written way too many times is due to her on Sunday, never to be revisited until the final draft edit. I stumble upon perfectionism each and every paragraph. Can you believe all the chapters in this beautiful little non-fiction book have been done for a couple of years but I have to “improve” on them all the time? With the timeline dangling overhead like the sword of Damocles I have no more perfectionism excuses. With someone to hold my feet to the fire, it will be done in just a few months ready for self-publishing or who knows???

Kathy Morelli

Hi Lisa – For the contest today. My personal goal in November was to at least begin to heal from a debilitating accident I had this February 14th, wehn I slipped & fell on the ice in my driveway. I got a concussion, and whiplash, which resulted in dizziness and exhaustion. Then it morphed into full blown vertigo, which was incapacitating me, my husband having to come pick me up at my office & cancel all my clients for the day. No gardening, drs told me to stay off the computer. Running all over town to different specialists. I have a great chiropractor who really did help me. But then I heard about an acupuncturist who also does medical massage. I went to her this week. The women, Dr. May in Denville, is amazing. One very painful but productive treatment, and my vertigo is gone. I am myself again. So to intertwine my business goals with my personal goals. This year, I planned to have completed my first Ebook, BirthTouch, and have it in the Kindle store. I managed to get it mostly done, and I am close to publishing it, plus a webinar for new moms with mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression. These are both mostly written, and would be complete, if I hadn’t had health problems. But I am stubborn and plan to presevere and complete both by January of 2012.

Susan Rizzo Vincent

Hi Lisa, November was a very productive month. I put my fears and doubts aside and decided that mine and Andréa’s story is worth telling and have forged ahead with my memoir and have been inspired to include some “how to” features that I hadn’t thought of before. A solid week of writing while on vacation was the turning point – 40 hours! We all need a week away from the chatter of our busy lives. I also gained so much from attending the Blog workshop and researched more info during Thanksgiving weekend so my blog should be up by the end of this weekend. While returning home from the holiday, I needed to get back on track and I listened to your CDs (#1 and week #7) on my drive back. I was inspired to include some tips that would be helpful for readers who are “surviving” tragedy. My goal now is to polish 50 pages to submit to a contact. WANT THIS DONE BY OUR LAST SESSION!!

 Pat Mitchell

Hi Lisa- November began in fits and starts, but turned out to be a great writing month. My words flowed and filled pages, and I developed a solid routine to get writing done. By far, though the most rewarding and inspiring moments were those sitting with my parents in their living room, reading from the book, and discussing the details of how they first met. Details that initially neither could agree upon, which I guess is typical after 65 years of marriage. My father is not one to reminisce, but this was a rare occassion when he shared his feelings about the past. About his time in the service during WWII. About his family. About meeting “The most beautiful girl in the world. ” Over coffee and pastry we talked, and I envisioned them as a young couple – at first hesitant, ultimately wanting only to be together. It warmed my heart. Whatever happens with this book, the ultimate reward is in spending time with my parents and understanding them as people instead of ‘Mom and Dad.” For all of this I am thankful.


Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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