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Pitch Your Book to Life Contest: Feedback on a Few We Missed and…

Lisa Tener book pitch contest
Your Book Writing Coach Lisa Tener

Whoops, As I reviewed the inspiring entries in our Pitch Your Book to Life Contest, I realized that a few did not make it onto the blog. So, here is my feedback on several more inspiring and terrific entries.

Title: The Cheater Whisperer: Inside the Minds of the Unfaithful
by Abby Rodman
Pitch: According to some statistics, nearly 80 percent of married men have cheated on their spouses. The percentage of women isn’t far behind. As a psychotherapist, I have years of specialized experience working with the unfaithful. Why do people cheat? What drives their behaviors? What makes it so hard for them to stop? This book takes a unique look at the struggles of the cheater and the existential crisis that inevitably comes with the decision to be unfaithful. Victims of infidelity will gain knowledge and perspective on their partner’s behaviors. This is an eye-opening look at the feel good/feel bad world of the cheater. It also explores why, largely due to technology, infidelity is America’s new epidemic…and why we need a cure.
Abby, this is a very compelling concept. I think I’d like to see the word “psychotherapist” in the title, because it gives us a sense of whose perspective. While The Cheater Whispereris somewhat catchy, there’s a way we’ve heard “whisperer” before—a one word title might be even more catchy and fresher. Also, the book shares why we need a cure, but does it offer some insights into cures? Readers may find that especially compelling.
come alive book
Photo courtesy of David Donohue

Title:  Come Alive Inside Out: A Practical and Fresh Outlook on Perspective and Choice by Karen Myers

Pitch: The problem today is people’s lives have become increasingly empty – they are doing more, ‘feeling’ less and struggle with finding meaningful purpose in their lives. Written for the spiritual novice and filled with personal anecdotes and resources throughout, this simple yet inspiring book guides the reader to unlock their inner power by ‘choosing’ how to view their life experiences while controlling what they can and letting go of what they can’t. Using her term ‘Perspective Specs’, Karen illustrates how readers can improve their ‘internal’ environment simply by modifying the lens inside themselves rather than seeking outside sources for the fulfillment they desire. Throughout the book, the reader is guided through stories whereby the ultimate choice is defining ALIVE as simply existing or defining it as full of energy, spirit and purpose. Through awareness and understanding that one’s perspective is a choice, readers are transformed inside out.
Karen, I like the title. I’d like to see the subtitle be more benefits oriented—what will readers get out of this book. Your pitch is more clear, but title doesn’t quite tell us enough. Also, being familiar with the stories in your book, I know there’s some great humor there–let that come across in your pitch.
Title: 143 Bridge Street
by Sheila Sullivan
Pitch: All American girl, an idyllic seaside community, surrounded by family and friends – suddenly and stunningly her life is forever changed by the discovery of her beloved mother dead. Her life moves on without her.A marriage and pregnancy produce the most glorious period in her young life yet postpartum depression and psychosis, hospitalizations, drugs and shock treatments lead her on a path seeking truth.She meets an irresistible handsome stranger on a bus, tattooed, redneck, an unlikely suitor that unpredictably triggers trauma that will lead her to the truth.
Sheila, this sounds intriguing. It certainly draws me in to want to know more. Is it fiction or nonfiction?
I think we’ve got everyone now. If you’ve entered the contest and you haven’t seen feedback on your book on the blog, please do let me know! Now it’s time for voting. Please vote, tell your friends to vote and please spread the word on Facebook, though e-mail. However, you can! Thanks. 

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

Reader Interactions


  1. Jediah says

    I found my entry……no comments from you.
    I have not found any samples of my Mind Maps…..They are NOT drawings….they ARE MAPS of thoughts in my MIND….Hence = Mind Maps.

    When properly used they effectively replace business plans; they also serve, when enlarged (4’x20′), as a visible project reminder for any group or organization. They can also serve an OTHER function = to enroll others, who view it, in assisting with the original project

    • Lisa Tener says

      I’m sorry to have missed that, Jediah. The mind maps definitely are crucial to your pitch and I’m sorry we could not include the visuals in the pitches. I’ll ask Jamie if he can upload to this post. If you can put the image on a url I can insert it here as a comment. Just give me the url. thanks.

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