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Manifesting Money: It’s Easier than You Think


door to wealth
Learn to open your secret money door–I love this magical photo by David Donohue

Stephanie called me yesterday to share this story and the magic of it blew me away.

Stephanie and I had talked earlier in the week because she felt drawn to my Bring Your Book to Life® Program as a way to complete her book after three long years of occasional joy—and often struggle.

If you know me, you probably know that rather than “sell” my program to people when it may or may not be the optimal fit for them to bring their book into the world, I lead them through a process that takes them to their inner wisdom so they get complete clarity—without my ego or theirs getting in the way.

I call these visualizations “Meet Your Muse” and often, as in Stephanie’s case, the muse says, “Yes, this is a perfect fit for you,” and “Yes, the timing is right,” while money—or lack of it—seems to block the path.

The muse says, “Trust,” but neither of us has any idea how the money will come. In Stephanie’s case, her muse showed her a money jar, like the ones all over her house. We both thought the image a bit wanting.

“That can’t be it–it can’t add up.”

“Tell your muse you don’t see how that will make a difference,” I offered.

Her muse instructed her to check the money jars and search around the house—she’d find more.

“Enough for the class?”

“You’ll find more than you expect. And check your bank account, too,” this inner voice confirmed.

money jar
Is there money lying around your house–or in your accounts– you don’t even know about?

Feeling excited about the possibility of the class and finally completing her book, she dutifully followed instruction the next day. In addition to her change, she found several uncashed checks and an unopened envelope from the Canadian government which provides a $100 check each month for citizens with dependent children.

To Stephanie’s surprise, though, the envelope contained a letter saying her company had been audited for her 2010 taxes and had overpaid. She found a check enclosed for $900—a windfall, but would it be enough?

Her trip to the bank also revealed more money than she expected. In fact, although she imagined joining my Bring Your Book to Life® Program would preclude her from taking a $300 class with a Peruvian Shaman two weeks hence, her cash on hand came to exactly $300 over the amount needed for my book writing course.

You might think “coincidence” or “This can’t happen for me.” I’d like to point to both some scientific evidence for such mini-miracles as well as a couple more examples that tell me that when your desire and belief/trust is strong enough, you truly can manifest with ease.

Evidence first: How could Stephanie “know” she’d find the money around her house (and a check that was so unexpected)? As an MIT grad, I look for evidence for things I know deep inside to be true. Quantum physics tells us that time is not linear. We have access to the future. The scientific and medical research at HearthMath Institute and other research also points to our ability to access information beyond our 5 senses. The US and Russian military both use such skills in remote viewing as do police in missing persons cases.

We can all “tap in.” Two more stories:

inspiring writing sessions on the beach
This is the beach where Janet and I spent time working on her book in her VIP session this summer.

This summer, “Janet” received my newsletter with an invitation to book one of four exclusive VIP days to work deeply with me on some aspect of their book. Janet saw herself working with me in this inspiring spot on the ocean and knew she would do it.  She just had no idea how.

Rather than focus on her lack of money, she saw herself working with me and mentioned it to a good friend. Her friend took out a checkbook and wrote a check for $2,500, promising the other $500 to follow.

Not a wealthy friend—a hard working friend who’d saved up just enough and jumped at the opportunity to give back to this friend who’d accompanied her through a health crisis, supplying love, rides, rose essences and healing massages.

simply a woman of faith book
Pat’s book went on to win several national awards.

Pat Hastings, author of the award winning Simply a Woman of Faith, also had no idea how she’d pay to work with me, but kept hearing in her prayer that it was the right step.

When she checked her bank account, she found over $1,000 extra—money her employer had direct deposited for an award she didn’t even know she’d won.

Have you had a magic money moment? Please do share it here.

If not, could there be some magical money waiting to be discovered for you? If there’s something you deeply want that it could buy, I’m sure there is. Your job? To unleash that magic. Here are 4 action steps to do that—and you don’t even need to do all four.

1. Share here what you’d like to manifest (optional but powerful).

2. Spend time every day picturing yourself finding the money and experiencing the dream. How does it feel? Keep recreating that feeling.

3. If you’re looking to manifest money for my Bring Your Book to Life® Program, email me to schedule a short, free call where we’ll ask your muse for guidance. I’ve seen money appear many times this way. Your muse will generally confirm whether my book writing course is an optimal fit for you and, if so, next steps to make it possible—including finding the money.

4. Take the steps your muse advised.

5. Return to this blog to share your breakthroughs and results.

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

Reader Interactions


  1. Stacy Corrigan says

    Lisa, very inspiring article! I too didn’t have the money to work with you, and I received funds from a project my sister hired me to do for her at the perfect time. Now, my book Manifest Your Man will be released on Friday just in time to attend the Southern New England Women’s Expo where 9,000 women will be attending, 1/3 of which are single. It’s possible that this one event could pay for my work with you and be the perfect launching point for my Manifest Your Man business. I know my book would not have been written without you and your course. You have such a loving, support style, and you are so available to your students. I am ever so grateful. Thank you so much!


    • Lisa Tener says

      Wow, Stace. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to my first e-mail–your blog comment! It was such a pleasure working with you. I hadn’t heard your “money story” before. I’m thrilled for you and looking forward to seeing you soar as an author, speaker, motivator and anything else you desire. Manifest Your Man is practical, fun, inspiring and transformational. I know it will do well. Good luck at the expo.

  2. Ginger says

    Hi, Lisa,

    I so completely know this to be true–in fact, at the beginning of the summer I wondered how in heck I was going to send my younger son to college in the fall. Over the summer, I had a number of big surprises–a couple of clients who had big projects and the magic of being able to teach your class this summer-and I ended up with very close to the exact amount needed for both my boys’ fall semester! I didn’t see any of that coming and I’ve long since learned to be “rational” about most thing, but I ‘m starting to seriously believe that, if it’s the right thing that I’m wishing for–if it’s generous, loving, an important service, what I’m meant to be doing-I will find a way to do it! Thanks for this great example.

    • Lisa Tener says

      Yes, sometimes the magical thinking can sound woo-woo, but if you do it right–as you said Ginger, “With love, service, generosity” and I would add passion, excitement, enthusiasm, joy” –if it resonates with what you are about–it works.

  3. Deb Scott says

    WOW!!! Did I need that!!
    I always thought I had a great abundance and good relationship with money – until recently. Really looking forward to implementing your strategy!
    Thank you!

  4. Stephanie says

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s been one year since that initial call with you. What a year! During your course I completed the entire first draft of my book. I battled my inner critic and wrote anyway. I struggled with finding the time and wrote anyway. I wondered how or if I would ever be published and wrote anyway. You coached me along each week with the group.

    Since then, I have completed the second draft of the book, completed my book proposal (which you helped me polish), written the first draft of book two, and the rough draft of books three and four.

    I have built a platform, including revising my website and finding a niche online site to publish my articles. Last week I put my proposal in the hands of an agent.

    Most importantly, I feel confident and competent as a writer. I love the flexibility of my schedule and creative process, and I value the tools and support you shared and continue to share with me.

    Thanks Lisa!


    • Lisa Tener says

      Stephanie, that is fantastic! And as you know, I’m happy to query more agents for you! It’s been a fulfilling and inspiring journey to watch you grow as a writer!

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