Breathe. Write. Breathe. - 18 Energizing practices to spark your writing and free your voice by Lisa Tener

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Breathe. Write. Breathe.

18 Energizing Practices to Spark Your Writing & Free Your Voice

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Holiday Giving Guide

The past month has been marked by a flurry of publications by my clients and Bring Your Book to Life Program graduates. It seemed appropriate, then, to help spread the word while assisting with any of your last-minute gift-giving needs. Here is a list of practical, inspiring, entertaining and sometimes even life-changing books by these clients:
Manifest Your Man, by Stacy Corrigan
stacy corrigan book coverA great gift for single women or women seeking to improve their romantic relationship–the Manifest Your Man Companion Set features the  book Manifest Your Man® – Unlock the Secret to Bring Love  into Your Life and the Manifest Your Man®Guidebook – Your Step by Step Resource for Your Journey to Find Love for only $25!  Cleck here to purchase. The physical book will arrive by mail and you can instantly download a copy of the guidebook.


The Creativity Cure: A Do-It-Yourself Prescription for Happiness, by Carrie Barron, MD and Alton Barron, MD

Thcreativity cure covere Creativity Cure is an innovative, highly achievable five-part plan to unleash  happiness  and alleviate depression and anxiety by tapping into your creative potential–a perfect gift for a friend who needs a boost. Surprising  solutions are within reach as long as you know where to look. Purchase your copy here.  You can connect further on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

The Generosity Plan, by Kathy LeMay
generosity plan book coverGive someone the gift of Generosity this Holiday–a perfect way to empower them to become a change agent in 2013–or jump start your own philanthropic goals.
The Generosity Plan is for anyone who wants to lead a more meaningful life in the coming year. Learn to give of yourself and sincerely create the world you know is possible.  Purchase your copy here.


The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World, by Monica Strobel
Thecompliment quotient book cover Compliment Quotient reveals the secrets of the power of compliments– why and how the simple yet powerful habit of giving more compliments improves your own attitude, health and well-being as well as enhances all of your important relationships, including romance and parenting.  This book is perfect for the busy mom or working person who wants a quick, practical tool to add to their own self-esteem and boost their feelings of connection while making a bigger positive difference. This profound and uplifting message is appreciated by women of all ages.
Visit to purchase a copy.

At the Compliment Quotient Store, you’ll find more unique, uplifting gifts including Compliment Charm Necklaces, Compliment A Day Cards set and Compliment Note cards. Folks love these gifts with a positive message that lives on long past the present being opened, for: friends, daughter, sister, mom, teacher, neighbor and more.

Use code LISAT and save 15% at the Store through Dec. 16.


The Sky is Green & The Grass is Blue, by Deb Scott
Bsky is green book covere inspired, turn things around, look at life differently, get great results in the business of living.  Learn how to unwrap the hidden gift in every obstacle, and discover the amazing you.  Start the New Year feeling awesome. Share this book and read it yourself, too.
Winner of 4 National Book Awards for best in Self-Help Indie Next Generation  / New Non-Fiction USA Best Books / Self Improvement Moms Choice Awards / Motivation Best Books & Authors. Purchase your B&N copy here or Amazon here.
Also, check out The Best People We Know Radio Show with Host Deb Scott— now with over HALF A MILLION Listeners.


Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention, by Evana Maggiore
book cover fashion feng shuiA perfect gift for anyone who would like to transform their look — and their Life, FASHION FENG SHUI: The Power of Dressing with Intention introduces readers to the groundbreaking concept of FASHION FENG SHUI, a holistic personal design system that applies feng shui principles to personal appearance. A comprehensive guide to making empowering and authentic clothing choices, this innovative book uses engaging case studies and color photos, to teach you how to choose clothes that fulfill your spirit, flatter your body’s coloring and shape, function for your lifestyle, and fortify you to attract your desires.  Purhcase your copy here.

Feel Good Spaces: A Guide To Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit by Sherry Burton Ways

Is there someone on your list who needs a lift? Feelfeel good spaces book cover Good Spaces was written with the stressed or depressed  person in mind, who yearns for an environment that escapes them from  their daily grind. This book can help your gift recipient create a home or office that rejuvenates the body, mind, and  spirit to awaken positive energy.

“Everybody’s Feel Good Space will be  different, but they will all have that ‘home’ feeling, and a feeling of  warmth and acceptance for the person who inhabits it. The book makes a great gift for those who  want to redecorate their homes to  elevate mood and empower them to make healthy changes for their life,” says author Sherry Burton Ways.

Purchase your copy here or here.

Reinvent Your Life – Write Now, by Bonnie Leonard
Is someone on your list stuck at the midlife crossroads? Help them get unstuck with this nine-week journaling program of well-tested writing exercises designed to unearth their own deep wisdom. Reinvent Your Life ~ Write Now arrives in their inbox weekly – simply download, print out and write your way forward into a more rewarding life. Why not buy now for yourself and your friend and begin your journaling adventure in the New Year? Perhaps you can share your writing experiences with each other or even form a group.

The Quantum Olympics:  Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century, by Holly Hutcher-Shamir and Terri Starkholly book coverHave a friend of family member who seems to be on the cutting edge or thought and personal growth? Try THE QUANTUM OLYMPICSwhich supports  wholistic living in the 21st Century. Readers will be empowered to make the decisions necessary to self-actualize their transformation to live as a W(holy) Being.The Quantum Olympics Performance Model Workbook, by Holly Hutcher-Shamir and Terri Stark

THE QUANTUM OLYMPICS PERFORMANCE MODEL WORKBOOK  guides readers through decoding the mystery of their human architecture opening the ways to purposefully grab onto the “real life” readers want to live.  The workbook contains all of the forms from the book in an 8 1/2 x 11 format providing you with more space to write, take notes, and formulate your individualized expression, dreams, and goals.

Buy the book on Amazon:  The Quantum OlympicsThe Quantum Olympics Performance Model Workbook or Barnes & Noble:  The Quantum Olympics

The Art of Caregiving in Alzheimer’s Disease, Eric Pfeiffer, M.D.
Anyone  on your holiday list with a parent or loved one with Altzheimer’s? Or are you the caregiver? This is an A to Z guide for family caregivers of Alzheimer’s Patients. Easy to read and easy to follow. Guaranteed to reduce caregiver stress. Purchase your copy here.
Winning Strategies for Successful Aging, Eric Pfeiffer, M.D. book cover successful aging
A complete guide to all aspects of successful aging. For boomers as well as people who have already crossed into old age. Specific, detailed, inspirational recommendations. This book got a stellar review by Publisher’s Weekly. Published by Yale University Press. Purchase your copy here.

The Favorite Child, by Ellen Weber Libby, PhDA perfect book for those struggling with family dynamics, those of their current family or the family in which they grew-up. A well-written book offering useful insight in to the many factors effecting family dynamics.

 The Favorite Child is available in either book or kindle format at



Dréa’s Dream: An Unfinished Dance by Susan Rizzo Vincent
Dréa’s Dream: An Unfinished Dance is an inspiring story of hope and a meaningful gift for any mother, daughter, dancer or parent looking for an inspiring story of how one woman continued to look deep within to find what is possible when faced with the seemingly impossible and in so doing, has made a difference that will impact children well into the future. 
For parents who have actually lost a child, this book provides a guiding light and offers help to find a reason to go on when such tragedy strikes.There are many messages and life lessons within – dance, see the glass as half full, don’t drink and drive, live every day to the fullest, we all grieve differently, and rainbows … well, you will just have to read the book. Enjoy this uplifting story of triumph that begins with a moving foreword by actress Jane Seymour.
Visit for autographed copy at $14.95
Ellen Who? Story of a Secret Love Child, by E.O’Neill
I both surprised and moved by the twists and turns in Ellen’s story. In her early thirties, Ellen discovered what she never knew: she was not her father’s daughter; her real identity a guarded secret. She  fought for her success, battled addictions, and raised two remarkable  children alone in spite of the legacy of shame. For a secret love child, the toughest battle was within. Just when she thought all was  conquered, there was one final revelation….
Purchase your copy here.

Return of the Heroine, by Kaye Michelle

book coverRETURN OF THE HEROINE tells the story of Joan of Arc’s deeply spir­i­tual jour­ney with  Archangel Michael and how they inspire a mod­ern day woman, fac­ing a  very real prob­lem, to heroic action. This is not your typ­i­cal  meta­phys­i­cal novel. In it, you’ll find real human emo­tion,  sex­u­al­ity, inspired action, spir­i­tual teach­ings, and come face to  face with a real-life woman who could not only lead an army but  con­verse with angels.
Purchase your copy here.


The Algebra of Snow, by Ginger Moran
alegbra of snow book cover


This is a great winter read. Set in the Adirondacks in winter, Algebra is a novel of subtraction, with the main character–a mathematics professor–examining the layers of loss in her life and then emerging with the new growth of the spring. Perfect for anyone who loves lyric fiction, this book was nominated for a Pushcart Editor’s Choice Award. Purchase your copy here.
Ginger also coaches in fiction and memoir-writing.  She has openings for January and February. Think about giving the gift of coaching for the holidays.



Under One Roof: Poems, by Eric Pfeiffer
poetry book cover
Sensitive, lyric poetry about all aspects of life. Authored by a physician-poet, the next William Carlos Williams. Purchase your copy here.

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

Reader Interactions


  1. Stephaine says

    Ok so if my book is based of my life my audience will be diffrent age teens &woman???
    Also can you give me an example of great title for my book

    • Lisa Tener says

      Memoir can speak to a large audience of varying ages. However, you may also want to focus on a short period of your life, the way many modern memoirs and novels do. You can use a flashback to show some of the history that’s relevant. As for a title, I don’t know your book at all, but write a note under your pillow and say, “My perfect title comes to me with ease.” Read it every night before bed and every morning. That should help. You can also try this visualization to get an answer: Meet Your Muse Visualization for Writers.

    • Stephaine says

      So a memior will it be similar to a Query letter?
      Or is it for example whats in the back of the book?
      The Womans program where you meet agents where is it located?
      My book proposal does it have to be typed?
      What are the main things i need to get things going?
      Do I pay anybody for example editors&whatever comes with writing a non-fiction book?
      How much am I looking to get paid?
      Can my book become into a movie?
      Is there programs if I have no money to get my book going?


      Stephaine Duarte

      • Lisa Tener says

        Stephanie, a memoir is the type of book you are writing. A query letter is what you write an agent to see if they are interested in getting your book proposal. A book proposal must be typed–read the Mike Larsen book to get the right format. I would hire an editor. You only pay your agent after they sell the book (actually the publisher pays them and they pay you). Buy the Mike Larsen book. Read it and follow instructions. I would try to find an editor for your memoir (book)–perhaps a friend who is a good writer or teaches English/writing would help you out? It would be good to start a blog. WordPress is free.

  2. Lisa Tener says

    Stephanie, The book is How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen and you can find it online at or Amazon. You can probably even buy a cheaper version that you can read on your computer. Larsen gives advice on finding a literary agent and there are many excellent blog posts on this blog about finding a literary agent (where, how, what they are looking for). Just use the search button to the right near the top and type in “literary agent” and you’ll find them. I only query agents when I’ve worked with the author on their book proposal and am convinced the book is marketable and right for that agent and the author’s platform (following) is big enough to interest the agent. And this is only when I’ve worked privately with the person to get their proposal in that kind of shape. Good Luck.

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