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Breathe. Write. Breathe.

18 Energizing Practices to Spark Your Writing & Free Your Voice

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Lessons Learned in 2012

This post is inspired by Rusty Shelton’s Lessons Learned in 2012. I learn awesome lessons from my clients every day–lessons about staying with one’s vision, surrounding oneself with supportive people, trusting the muse, the importance of writing daily.

Serving as a bridge between the person and their creative muse, I constantly witness people stepping into their greatness—letting go of old beliefs and ways of being that don’t serve them and expanding into a more evolved vision and adopting new habits. I learn way more than I can put in one blog post. So, I’m limiting this post to some clients who published books recently.

From Drs. Carrie Barron and Alton Barron, authors of The Creativity Cure (Charles Scribners Sons) I learned how to launch a book with a party that reflects the book perfectly. I also learned from reading The Creativity Cure that Creativity can be as important to our well-being as the food we eat and that movement and stillness are both critical to creativity.

percolate bookFrom Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino, author of Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through, I learned that it takes a village to support an author—she was brilliant at bringing in her team for feedback and just signed a book contract with Hay House for Percolate.
a love child bookFrom Ellen O’Neill, author Ellen Who? I learned the power of putting your message out there. Ellen fearlessly wrote about her own experience as a secret love child in her blog and the Huffington Post and appeared on Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and the Discovery Channel.

dreas dream bookFrom Susan Rizzo Vincent, author of Dreas’ Dream: An Unfinished Dance, and Martha Rhodes, author of 3,000 Pulses, I learned that you can make something beautiful and helpful to others out of life’s most tragic experiences.
From Juan O’Callahan, author of Wellness for Super Seniors, I learned the exercises and diet to be and stay healthy at any age.

Dr. Tim Warren, author of Lessons from Everest, provides a continual example of what’s possible when you set your mind to any goal—even those that seem unattainable.

book coverHolly Hutcher Shamir and Terri Stark, authors of The Quantum Olympics showed me how we can all increase our performance and give a quantum Olympic performance in our lives.

Pat Hastings, author of Simply a Woman of Faith, reminded me the importance of trusting in our dreams even when something else is showing up in the moment.

self worth bookBelinda Fuchs Rosenblum, author of Self-Worth to Net-Worth shows how to have your book working for you well before you publish

Linda Joy, author/editor of A Juicy, Joyful Life and Embracing Your Authentic Self, continues to teach me about nurturing relationships, as well as planning ahead.

Deb Scott, author of The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning Your Upside Down World Right Side Up, is a continuous example of positivity.

Kaye Michelle, author of Return of the Heroine mirrored back to me the importance of intuition—and trusting it.

Stacy Corrigan, author of Manifest Your Man proved how easy it is to get endorsements from celebrity authors when you write a great book. She also is a living endorsement of being crystal clear about vision, prioritizing and delegating.

Anne Burnett, author of Step Ahead of Autism, offers an inspiring example of commitment and creativity in both publishing and parenting. She taught me the importance of taking time to observe before acting.
feel good spaces bookSherry Burton Ways, author of Feel Good Spaces showed me that a book doesn’t have to be long to have impact.

Janet Crain, author of If You Want an Eggroll Get Out of the Pizzeria, reminds me to bring humor into a situation.

midlife woman's journalBonnie Leonard, author of Reinvent Your Life Write Now, is a fine example of someone who practices what she preaches. She is brilliant at creating a life that’s stimulating, contributing to others, fun, relaxed and—dare I say—balanced.

It’s hard to limit this list–every book has taught me something–whether or not it’s in print yet. And each consultation, each visit with a writer and his or her muse, is sacred and wonderful. So, if your name isn’t in this post, know that your process, your book and your wisdom–you– have touched me deeply as well.

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Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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