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18 Energizing Practices to Spark Your Writing & Free Your Voice

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Creating Your Feel Good Writing Space: Virtual Book Tour Interview and Video

Sherry Burton used my Inspiration to Author 8 week program to write her fabulous new book: Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit.  When her publicist, Carol Lawrence, asked if I’d host a stop on Sherry’s blog tour, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce my readers to virtual book tours AND interview Sherry for some advice on creating a feel good writing space. From February 1st – February 12th Sherry is visiting 12 blogs on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends and get a sense of how a professional blog tour is done–with different information on every stop.

As part of Sherry’s virtual book tour, I am very excited to share with you an interview and a bonus video: For Inspired Authors: Your Feel Good Writing Space both designed to help you on your book writing and publishing journey. feel good spaces book

Lisa: First of all, thank you Sherry for inviting me to host you today. Let’s get started. What are the first questions you’d ask before creating a “Feel Good Space” for Writing?

Sherry: I’d ask:

  • Where do you feel most comfortable writing? Is it in your home? At the coffee shop? Your office?
  • Is the space selected quiet and peaceful with minimal distractions?
  • Is it a space where you feel transformed, energized and productive?

Then I would want to set up an action plan for setting up your interior environment so that your writing needs and goals are supported and fully realized. This includes having an organized space and a system of writing as outlined in Lisa Tener’s Inspiration to Author in 8 Weeks.

Lisa: Wow, thanks for including that! I’m glad it worked for you, Sherry. What are the most important considerations for creating a feel good space for writing?

Sherry: Ensure that the space is clutter free. You want to rid all those things that serve no purpose or do not enhance your writing experience. By doing this, you open up the Chi—the invisible life force or good energy that is in and around your writing environment. Too much clutter stops the flow of Chi and can make us feel stuck and stressed and thus uninspired to write effectively.

Lisa: Okay, that’s a reminder to clean up my desk–and probably why I’ve been writing in my bedroom instead lately. What else?

Sherry: Find out what your personal development colors are and how to integrate them in your feel good writing space. There’s nothing like having the right customized colors in your environment to help you thrive at your highest level.

Lisa: How would someone find that out? 

Sherry: Through a special birthdate reading using the Chiero Color System I can determine one’s personal development color.  This can be done directly by me by appointment.

Lisa: Anything else?

Sherry: Personalize your feel good space for writing with art, photographs and objects that are meaningful and inspire creativity. The space should have a function, flow and a feel to it.

Lisa: Oh, I agree. I have an inspiring giclee print on my office wall–a woman rowing down a river with an eagle overhead–it frees me up to look at it. Where did you do your writing of Feel Good Spaces and what did you do to help make it a creative space?

Sherry: I did my writing primarily in my home office where I could find the most peace and fewer distractions. I personalized my space and kept it clutter free to make it a space that was functional for my writing of Feel Good Spaces.

Lisa: What are the biggest mistakes people make in their writing (or creative) spaces? How can they avoid those?

Sherry: Your printer, fax machine and copier can create enormous energy that can be draining. We call this EMFs or electromagnetic fields. To minimize this, I suggest that plants be used in your writing space to buffer the effects of EMFs to your body. Keep any distractions at a minimum. That includes outside noise. Make sure your space is located in a part of your home where you will not be distracted by outside influences.

Lisa: Great to know. What are some of the best colors for a writing space?

Sherry: I would recommend the following colors for a feel good writing space:

  1. Yellow– for personal power, knowledge and mental clarity
  2. Blue– for peace, faith, trust and communication
  3. Indigo– for insight, intuition and higher level thinking
  4. Red– for power, enthusiasm, life force energy, courage and passion

Consider a vase full of flowers in these colors near your writing space or some other accessory or accent with one or more of these colors for your feel good writing space.

Lisa: Is there a feel good space you helped someone design specifically for writing or creativity?

Sherry: I’ve designed feel good spaces for so many different purposes–particularly for those who need efficient home offices. I have not designed a space specifically for authors.

Lisa: Anything you want to share about the office spaces? feel good writing space

Sherry:I designed this space with custom woven window shades, a pale yellow wall color and a writing desk that is clutter free with some personal objects including a plant. What worked for this space was that it was adjacent to a roof deck which provided the client an opportunity to use the desk to rest and find inspiration. The simplicity and zen quality of the space kept distractions at a minimum. This next project was a home office space which could also serve as a great reading space. Note the desk is in the Feng Shui command position to the door and the combination of colors gold (yellow) and red is used. Minimum décor with inspiring artwork and a zen quality in the decoration.

Lisa: In using my Inspiration to Author to help you get your book written, what other tips do you have for people writing a book?

Sherry: I would say that the Inspiration to Author Program helped me really think through the writing of my book in such a way that it presented a clear template for organizing the book, specifically the chapters and how to flow from one subject to the next. When I first started writing the book, I lacked the confidence, expertise and experience. I did not get the guidance I would have liked from other sources. Working through the 8 week program I got the assistance I needed in planning, organizing and strategically completing the book. For those  contemplating writing a book I highly recommend Lisa’s program because it helps you meet your goals and make your book a reality through the support it provides.

Lisa: Thanks, Sherry. Okay, let’s share your video: For Inspired Authors: Your Feel Good Writing Space If you’re having trouble viewing this video, watch it on youtube here. Yesterday, the tour was hosted by Tonya Parker. Tonya shared a special recorded interview where Sherry Burton Ways provides helpful hints on how to turn any room into a space to nourish your mind, body and soul, visit her website Mind Body and Spiritworks to hear the replay. Tomorrow find out, How Art Can Contribute To A Feel Good Space with an interview with Sherry, hosted by The Artinista. A special excerpt will give you a glimpse inside Sherry’s new book. Visit Sherry’s website today to sign upto win a prize! * Grand prize: A copy of Feel Good Spaces along with her grand prize of a 30-minute H.O.M.E. Interior Environment Intro Coaching Session via Skype or in person depending on location. * A copy of Feel Good Spaces along with a 20-minute Color Therapy Consultation via Skype. Color Therapy Consults for interior color is one of the first elements you notice when you walk into a room, and color resonates with you when you leave. Color sets a mood: The right color combination can transform a home or office and bring all who reside there new levels of energy. Custom color palettes for interior walls can bring happiness, harmony and well-being. * A copy of Feel Good Spaces: A Guide for Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind, & Spirit To see the complete virtual book tour line up, follow each host on Twitter and connect with them on Facebook click here!

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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    • Lisa Tener says

      Thank you. I think you’ll be inspiring many writers today to think about their writing space. I know it has me thinking.

  1. Carol Lawrence says

    Thanks for focusing on a feel good writing space for authors. When trying to tap into our creative spirit and put our thoughts on paper having our surroundings support us is so vitally important.

    I really enjoyed and appreciate this interview.

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