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What Made MLK an Extraordinary Dreamer? (and BTW, What’s Your Dream?)

There are some people you meet who have a profound impact on how you look at the world and live your life. Tara Sage Steeves is one of those people for me. Years ago, I attended The Dream Party®  as a guest of my friend Donna Mac.

Donna invited me to get with the spirit of the event and, “Come as you aspire to be 5 years from now.”

Five years is a long time. What did I aspire to be? A bestselling author? Midwife to dozens of bestselling authors? I looked in my closet for inspiration and rediscovered a gold raw silk embroidered and sequined jacket and gold krinkled skirt I’d never yet worn.

Inspiring outfit, but it didn’t look particularly book coach like or author-like or… it looked..what? Golden. Regal. Sparkly. An enlightened being kind of outfit. I don’t know where the idea quite came from but I felt filled with excitement when I thought of it. Yes.

After locating the Edgewood Yacht Club and parking, I found my way up to the second floor where I found the footbridge to the future. The instructions were to  step into my dream as I walked over the footbridge. I got to become an enlightened being and it felt different, by gosh. Expansive.

dream party
At my second or third Dream Party with Bring Your Book to Life Program graduates (5 published authors!) and clients.

Per Tara’s instructions, I left my shoulds at the door. And my impossibles. I enjoyed a quiet moment in the time machine writing a letter to myself from the future.

Tara said to introduce ourselves as if it were 2013 and we were truly living our dreams. I met many bestselling authors that night who had been on Oprah. Some people took a while to get it, “I hope to be on Oprah in 5 years.”

Luckily, as an enlightened being, I got to help them out, “Yes, I saw you on Oprah the other day. Remind me what you said…it was fascinating.”

That night, I truly got how we can embody our dreams now, this day, this moment. I learned a lot more about dreaming that night and I’ve carried it with me. While I’m not an enlightened being yet, I do think a little piece of that experience has stayed with me–always.

This February, we all have a chance to get more in touch with our dreams and learn to live into them. Not only will you learn from Tara, but with her free  “Dream Bigger Extravaganza” you’ll hear the experiences of twelve “courageous dreamers” who will share how they dreamed and made their dreams come true.

Here’s her “I have a dream” video. Click to watch:

In this powerful video, Tara not only shares a *BIG* dream of her own … but also what she believes to be the 3 Essential Dream Realization Keys that made Martin Luther King, Jr. such an exemplary dreamer and how YOU too can apply them and get your OWN dreams on the fast-track to fulfillment! Watch now and be sure to join us for our special FREE event: “The Dream BIGGER Extravaganza” beginning February 3, 2014.

Oh – did I mention that I’m one of the speakers she’s interviewing for this global summit? I am!

After you watch the video, click here to learn all the details about what I – and the other extraordinary speakers – will be sharing, and be sure to claim your complimentary seat.

I am SO excited about this for you because I know that the material that will be GIVEN away during these video interviews is going to powerfully and quickly change the course of your life – and by this I mean, more JOY, more EASE, more ABUNDANCE, more LOVE, more FUN!

“See” you there!

Note/disclosure: As an affiliate of this free event; if you decide to purchase video recordings or later join Tara’s paid program, I will earn a commission. however, no purchase is necessary to enjoy these 12 juicy interviews and learn all you can from them about realizing your dreams.

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