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18 Energizing Practices to Spark Your Writing & Free Your Voice

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Julia Griffin on Writing Flow and the Power of Inner Connection

Julia GriffinMy life, my work, my relationships and my writing have all reached new heights since I began working with Julia Griffin. I have recommended her intuitive services to many clients who have since reached new heights in their work, writing and lives. So, when she asked me to be part of the Power of Inner Connection Telesummit, I didn’t have to check my schedule before I said a big “YES.”

I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing about Finding the Inner Muse and Writing in the Zone on July 23–and there are 22 more reasons (interviews) for you to sign up for this FREE telesummit that can add more love, beauty, connection and joy to your writing and your life. Here, I interview Julia Griffin about the telesummit, specifically what writers may find beneficial in it, and how she taps into a heightened state for writing.

Lisa: The Power of Inner Connection telesummit is about living life from a heightened state of awareness. Can you say more about that state and what it feels like?

Julia: Everyone has experienced the flow at least once—when life feels graced. Everything falls into place at the right time. There’s also a sensation of light and joy. Children experience this naturally.

Lisa: As a writer, how do you tap into that state consistently? Do you have a specific practice or practices that help? And when do you do those practices?

Julia: Tapping into an awakened state is a practice. Sometimes, it comes easily—other times, it doesn’t.

The state of flow is most easily accessed when I truly want to express the feelings and thoughts of my heart. Meditating on my heart as well as the unconditional love of the universe helps most in my practice. I also have to maintain faith in my ability to do so.

When it doesn’t occur easily, I stay at the computer until the words come.

Lisa: That’s so key. Sometimes it’s tempting to give up too soon, if you’re not tapping into that writing flow. What do you notice about your writing when you do write from that state of being?

Julia: The words transmit far more feeling, emotion, and sensation than when I write from my ordinary mind. I feel I’m reaching into a force much larger than myself, and I feel thrilled when I can touch it and form it into words. It feels ecstatic.

Lisa: I love when I can write myself into that ecstatic state. I believe that readers tap into that when you enter that state of writing flow. You have 23 speakers and topics for the Power of Inner Connection telesummit–can you share which ones are especially beneficial and powerful for authors or aspiring authors?

Julia: Mark Borax worked with Ray Bradbury. His words are both eloquent and poignant—as is his writing (do read his books.) Lisa – you share your insights about creating artistic works and finding the Muse. Lucia Rene speaks about the invisible world, the power of light in an incredibly beautiful voice that touches the soul.

Cynthia Segal expresses joy exquisitely. Cara Bradley shares her insights on stillness, a quality necessary for good writing. Simran Singh explains how passion moves us into the unknown. We move into the unknown—unexplored territory—when we tap into our souls while reaching for words. Donna Carey and Ellen Franklin explain sound in their unique, melodious voices and how it can open us to our true nature. Monica Strobel shares the power of positive words, which is helpful in writing and life.

Lisa: Wow, I can’t wait to listen to these interviews myself. What inspired the Power of Inner Connection telesummit?

Julia: The summit was initially an assignment in a class based on building a platform. We were encouraged to choose a topic that spoke to us—something that invoked our passion.

Connection, particularly spiritual connection, is important to me. It involves many aspects of consciousness, including emotions, physicality, communication, and the development of heightened awareness.

Once you’ve experienced that state, you want it for everyone. You want it for the world. Part of your life work involves sharing the concept.

Lisa: What made you decide upon a telesummit as a platform-building strategy, as opposed to some other strategies?

Julia: I love meeting people. I love the exchange of ideas that can take place in a conversation with an enlightened person or someone who understands the value of focusing on the positive side of life.

It’s simply the best! The idea of people joining together with a uplifting message also meets my criteria for a better world.

Lisa: Anything else that you’re particularly excited about regarding the Power of Inner Connection telesummit?

Julia: I feel happy about possible benefits for the listeners, the exchange of knowledge, and the possibility of opening up to the beautiful flow of life. Group energy is powerful, and I look forward to the connection.

Lisa: Anything you’d like to add about this state of inner connection—or the telesummit, in general?

Julia: The flow comes from universal connection. It’s available to all. It illuminates our lives with beauty, peace, and joy. It connects us with everything—the One and All.

We see and feel currents of energy, the light underlying everything. Everyone can experience awakening—if they want it. On a spiritual level, we say this current is transmitted by individuals who experience it often. By listening to the speakers, you can feel, replicate, and enlarge the current of the “flow.”

Lisa: As someone who’s worked with you personally, I can attest to how you are able to share your experience and help others access a heightened state of flow in life. I’m so looking forward to this telesummit which explores that kind of connection from many angles and offers tools to help us access it for writing, creativity, relationships and life.

Join the Power of Inner Connection Telesummit here. It’s free.

And, readers, please share your experiences of writing or living in a heightened state.


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