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Arts Awareness: It Can Change Your Writing and Your Life

book cover arts awarenessI am so excited. I recently ordered Arts Awareness by Dr. Patricia Hoy and it just arrived.

This is one of those books that feels good to hold–the smooth, high quality cover, something about the paper. The beautiful rainbow colors on the cover inspire me, too. Dr. Hoy had a very specific vision for the book and the publisher, GIA Publications, thankfully, shared it and executed it beautifully. From the somewhat larger dimensions to the wide margins that invite readers to make notes, this book really is the field guide the author envisioned.

I especially enjoyed guiding Dr. Hoy in writing her book proposal and then editing this book, because it is full of gems for writers–and anyone who wants to be more creative and tap into the tools of artists in every field.

Arts Awareness teaches many techniques, approaches and concepts used by musicians, visual artists and performers that can be applied to writing, such as “the role of practice,” “structure and freedom,” “regenerating power,” “tension and release,” “childhood innocence,” “exploring the insides” and so much more! There’s something liberating about going beyond the sometimes grooved thinking in one’s own discipline and exploring the language and concepts of other artistic fields.

Dr. Patricia Hoy
Author Dr. Patricia Hoy–a multifaceted artist and arts educator, conductor, woodwind doubler and, now, author!

Beyond writing and the arts, Arts Awareness helps you put the concepts and tools of artists to use in your everyday life, making life richer and more fulfilling.

To slightly paraphrase the flap copy:  Arts Awareness can help you develop the creative thinking and entrepreneurial attitude to succeed in your writing and your work. “Arts Awareness concepts come from personal experience, observations, reflections, and study of thousands of artists, educators, and students. The seven strategies of Arts Awareness philosophy will stimulate your imagination and creative power, providing a foundation for moving forward with renewed enthusiasm and strength.”

EditMob-content_badge250I highly encourage you to get your copy of this signficant and inspiring book today. And while you’re at it, you can order a copy for a creative friend, in time for the holidays!

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