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Writing a Book Proposal? Ask Your Questions Here

Your Book Proposal Coach
Your Book Proposal Coach

Writing a book proposal is both an art and a science. I know many of my readers are looking to get picked up by a traditional publisher and, therefore, need to write a proposal. Perhaps that describes you.

On this website, I’ve put together a substantial body of knowledge to support you in writing a book proposal. I’ve detailed the steps for how to write a book proposal on a page that also includes links to my many blog posts on specific aspects and sections of the book proposal.

On that page you will also find links to interviews with literary agents and advice on finding the best agent for your book.

So, I won’t repeat myself here. Instead, I’d like to open the forum for your questions about writing a book proposal.

Have questions come up as you work on a particular section? Or do you wonder about the purpose of a specific section of the proposal? Do you wonder what publishers are looking for in that particular section?

Or do you have more general questions about the process?

EditMob-content_badge250Ask your questions about writing a book proposal and I will answer!

And for my clients and colleagues who have gotten book deals–please share your experiences and tips here as well.


Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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