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Mindset, Money, Book Success and Attracting Ideal Clients: Interview with Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini author

How to Make Your Book a Success? Start Here.

When Jeanna Gabellini told me about her upcoming Client Attraction programs, I asked if she’d answer a few interview questions for my blog readers about how to make your book a success.

I asked Jeanna, specifically, because I often run into aspiring authors who have a book they want to write but don’t have the resources to put into it (for self publishing that includes editing, proofreading, design, PR and other marketing; for traditional publishing that may mean a new website, platform-building, book proposal editing).

If you’re empowered around money, you can put more resources behind your book and, more likely, experience the success you are looking for–including making an impact on your readers.

Shift Your Money Mindset

Lisa: I often see new authors who need to shift their mindset, and specifically their mindset about money, in order to achieve the results they are hoping for, both in terms of book sales and income. How important do you think mindset is in having a successful book launch and being able to fund all the associated activities such as PR?

Jeanna: Mindset is the most important thing about writing a book.

Lisa: Wow.

Jeanna: If you don’t expect your book to do well, you won’t make smart choices about getting it into the hands of your most ideal readers. If you knew your book would generate multiple six figures down the road how would you invest in it?

law of attraction bookLisa: Good question. And, I want to point out that multiple six figures comes from creative thinking beyond just book sales–what can you offer people beyond the book? Webinars, online self-study programs, group coaching are just a few examples. Those kind of activities help fuel book sales, just as book sales help fuel sales of those offerings. And these services or programs also tend to bring in more income than book sales. So, what are one or two things you suggest people do to shift their mindset, about money, in particular?

Jeanna: Shift your thoughts about ‘needing money’ to ‘serving your most ideal audience.’ When you’re tapped into being of service, you stop worrying about money. When you’re not worried about money, you have access to your best ideas and take action without stressing.

Lisa: You certainly make it look easy. All your income producing activities, such as launching new programs, incorporate fun activities for your participants and affiliate partners.  And I see how this spirit of fun contributes to your success. People want to be a part of your launches. People are attracted to working with you. That spirit of fun really makes your work stand out from what else is out there. You have a free resource called “11 Easy Mindset Hacks to Become a Client Magnet.” Can you tell us a bit about how that came about and who it’s for?

Jeanna: It’s for any entrepreneur who feels like they’re working way too hard to get clients, is frustrated with marketing and just wants to get more of their services and products out to those who need it most. I created it because most biz owners think that ‘strategies’ get them clients. But really, it’s how they feel about their client-getting strategies that  attracts clients… or repels them. You can grab it for a limited time here:

Generating Income with Your Book—Before the Book Comes Out! Share on X

Lisa: Thanks for sharing that with us, Jeanna. Getting back to generating income, one of the biggest mistakes I see new authors make is that they don’t think through a business plan for their book and they get caught short on funding the promotion. I suggest they have one or more ways that the book generates income other than through book sales.

From your perspective, what are some of the most effective ways authors can generate income AND get their book out there in the world?

Jeanna: Ideally they can attract money before the book even comes out through some inner game fun and a few fun strategies.

When you’re writing a book from the heart, it’s like a love letter to your most ideal clients and customers. I call them Five Star Clients because they’re the best of the best specifically for you.

Let yourself feel a connection to that ideal client and ask what they most need on the topic you’re writing.  As you begin writing, you’ll be calling them forth to come see what you’re up to.  Assume that those who read the book will of course want further support from you… so create your offer now. It doesn’t have to be a complicated product or service. As long as it promises to solve their top of mind problem, they’re going to want it.

As you spend time thinking about these Five Star Clients, writing a book for them and creating your offer for them… you will start having more potential clients knock on your door and you’ll be prepared to make your offer… before the book even comes out.

Lisa: So, I’m going to interrupt there, because some of my readers will be familiar with the idea of an “offer” but to others that may sound a bit foreign. By offer, you mean a service or course or program that people can take to learn and experience the material in your book in more depth–and perhaps with guidance from you.

Jeanna: Yes. Your book is the greatest gift you can give your ideal clients, so treat it like there’s a multiple six-figure pay day on the other side. You want to put all the love and planning you can into this project, in order to set yourself up to win.

Lisa: And you have several free trainings coming up. Can you tell us about them and why we will want to be on those calls?

Jeanna: If you don’t have a steady flow of clients who you adore, then you want to attend. I’m revealing easy steps to get better results from any action you take to grow your income. I’m not into cookie cutter solutions. Everyone’s business and brand is different and it’s important that entrepreneurs feel turned on in their client-getting process.

These are blow-your-eyes-wide-open trainings. Plus, I’m big on doing epic Q & A sessions during the after party! 😉 You’ll receive an invitation for the training when you grab your Mindset Hacks Cheat Sheet here.

Lisa: Thank you, Jeanna. I encourage readers to hop on this training.

Jeanna Gabellini is a master business coach who assists high-achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double and even triple their profits by leveraging intention systems and – the magic word, fun! Since 1996, Jeanna Gabellini has delivered coaching and seminars that marry vision, divine guidance, and proven strategies so you can ditch the mental merry-go-round and overwhelms and say, “Oh, yes, the fun, peace, and increased profits!” Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jack Canfield.

Note: I am an affiliate of Jeanna’s programs and, if you sign up for a paid program through my links, I receive an affiliate commission. As you likely know, I participate in a small number of affiliate programs and am very picky about only choosing the highest quality programs that I think my clients can benefit from.

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