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Help a Child Learn to Read and Get Free Gifts from Me!

Would you like to help a child learn to read?

teaching students to read
Image from RITES Website

Today, I have a guest post from my friend Suzanne McDonald. As Suzanne and I went for a neighborhood walk the other day, she inspired me by telling me about a nonprofit organization she collaborates with, RITES, which provides free tutoring for children and adults in need and, especially, helps children learn to read.

Unfortunately, this amazing organization has so many children on their waiting list that they feel dishearted that so many of these children will never make it off that list.

One of the free gifts you’ll receive when you donate by Dec. 31.

I was excited to donate, and I also saw an opportunity to expand my support of their great work. I’ve invited Suzanne to write a guest post (below) and share more about this awesome opportunity to help a child learn to read. If you decide to donate any amount, send us your receipt to and you’ll receive free goodies from me to help you write in the zone! (see below for details).

Help a Child with Learning Challenges Learn to Read–for Life!

By Suzanne MacDonald

Who’s There for Students Who Slip Through the Cracks?

There’s something transformational about my family gathering around for the annual Christmas Eve reading of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas – equally spirited adults and children listening in as the festivities make way for the big sleigh.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Eid or Kwanza, perhaps you have a familiar favorite story to read with children or adults?

While the tradition in our family is for an adult to read the fabled poem, many children who should be able read by now MUST BE READ TO! How can this be, in the wealthiest nation of universal education? Some hard-working students are slipping through the safety net to a destiny of functional illiteracy and the high likelihood of low-income, crime, and a new cycle of poverty.

There’s nothing quite like watching a child blossom. Sadly, not every child is able to blossom without training from specialized teachers. Even more sadly, a percentage of students don’t have access to the help they need.

nonprofit RITES
RITES helps people of all ages learn what they need to be successful–from reading to math to test prep, but especially helps with reading tutoring.

Fortunately, Rhode Island Tutorial and Educational Services (RITES) helps these students by providing highly specialized teachers.

How RITES Creates a Bridge to Learning and a Lifeline for Success

I met the co-directors while teaching as an adjunct at URI. My Social Media Strategies students created a social media plan for RITES, and we’ve been collaborating (outside of class) for nearly 7 years now.

RITES is a very lean organization with a huge impact on students in Southern New England. Without RITES, we’d have a higher rate of dropouts, functionally illiterate graduates, and frustrated families with nowhere else to turn. A fraction of these students, studies indicate, would enter the criminal justice cycle.

You and I have options because we can read. Because we were lucky enough to born to families who could pay for the support we needed. We’ve all been there at some point, and someone somewhere along the way has been there for us.

Help Get One More Child Off the Waiting List; Help a Child Learn to Read!

writing in the zone gift
You will also receive this mp3 when you donate by Dec. 31.

This holiday season is a wonderful time to think about how we can make an impact in our communities.

A small investment now can help create a better future for these students and the communities in which they live.

When you donate, Lisa has offered to gift you with her short ebook “Writing in the Zone” which taught me 5 steps to writing in a state of flow. In addition, she will send you the mp3 audio of “Writing in the Zone” a meditation of sorts, to help you get into that creative flow as well. If you already purchased these resources, she is happy to substitute another of her special reports instead.

Please let RITES know if you want your donation to go to a specific program, such as the reading program.

Every donorlarge or smallwill receive Lisa Tener’s valuable thank-you gifts.  So, please, donate now and Lisa will gift you her Writing in the Zone mp3 audio and Writing Breakthrough short ebook. After donating, just send your donation receipt to and you will receive your downloadable gift within 1-3 business days.

All donations are tex-deductible and 100% fund student literacy. Click here to stop the wait and get students succeeding.

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