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A Writing-Friendly Diet

After working with Micaela Karlsen on her book, A Plant Based Life, I switched to a largely plant-based diet, almost no meat and very little dairy, and the results were dramatic – for my health, vitality and even my writing! You could call it a “writer-friendly diet.”

In this guest post, Micaela Karlsen shares how this writer-friendly diet affects her life and writing.

Me with Micaela and her daughter in 2017


It was 1am, and my 20 month-old daughter barreled into the room to join us for the rest of the night.

As a researcher, my work is very mental. I write almost every day, a lot of it creative writing.

It’s the kind of work you dread when you’re feeling groggy, and the interrupted sleep that comes with young children can either wipe me out, or be no big deal, depending on what I ate the day before.

Fortunately, my typical diet of whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, with little to no added sugar, is one of the biggest reasons I can feel alert in the morning, even after being woken up throughout the night.

I’m on and continue to be on a journey towards a completely whole food, plant-based diet. Every bit of success with what I eat rewards me immediately – because I can feel how my body responds and I know it’s what keeps my mind clear and my body ready to transmit the inspiration coming through me into words and sentences and paragraphs.

So as a writer who’s worked successfully with Lisa to develop a book proposal, create a relationship with a top literary agent, and secure a publishing contract, I attribute a lot of my success to eating a plant-based diet.

Micaela Karlsen with her book, A Plant-Based Life.

A whole food, plant-based diet has been shown to help people lose weight without counting calories, get off type 2 diabetes medication, and even reverse heart disease. It’s also the diet of choice for many top athletes, like Austin Aries, pro wrestler, or Griff Whalen, wide receiver for the Baltimore Orioles.  So for good health, fast recovery, and an alert mind, a plant-based diet has made it possible for so many successful people to maintain their performance and stamina – including writers.

Following the structure of the book I published with Lisa’s help, A Plant-Based Life, my team and I have developed a comprehensive support program – the Sustainable Diet “Eat Better Forever” Program – to help others transition towards a more whole food, plant-based diet.

It’s a three-month program with education from top plant-based nutrition experts, including dietitians and doctors, chefs, and scientists, accountability from live mentors, and support – all the elements research shows people need to create new habits successfully. I’ve gotten incredible feedback from people who read the book and changed their diet as a result – better energy, clearer thinking, weight loss, and huge drops in total cholesterol.

It’s a big world. We each have a lot to do to fully express ourselves and share our unique contributions. Eating healthfully is absolutely one of the most effective strategies you can use to set yourself up for big success – in writing and in life.

For more information on how to get started eating a plant-based diet, sign up for the FREE Plant-Based Master starter kit and course preview.

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