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Finding Chika: An Interview with Emily Homonoff

Emily Homonoff reading Finding Chika
Emily loves it!

Finding Chika: Mitch Albom in Rhode Island

When I saw Emily Homonoff and her mother, Robin Kall Homonoff, host of Reading with Robin, at Robin’s most recent author event in Providence, RI, both were super-excited to have Mitch Albom coming to the Ocean State, this time to speak about his latest book, Finding Chika.


Few authors have the incredible reader loyalty and impact of Mitch Albom, whose first memoir is the bestselling memoir of all time. Tuesdays with Morrie has sold over 14 Million copies worldwide. Altogether, Mitch’s books have sold 40 Million copies! Here, Emily shares what she loves about Mitch’s latest and incredibly moving book, Finding Chika.


Why We’re Excited


Lisa: Why are you particularly excited about this event?


Emily: We’ve been fans of Mitch’s for a very long time so it’s an honor to get to host him with this memoir that’s particularly poignant. We’re longtime fans of his work and this book, so this is a huge honor!


Mitch Albom on Today ShowLisa: What’s the format of the event? 


Emily: Mitch will be giving a media-based presentation and will be signing everyone’s books after the talk.


What We Love

Lisa: Can you tell us a little about Mitch’s latest book, Finding Chika, and what you love about it (without giving too much away, of course)?


Emily: This book just blew me away. There’s so much raw emotion and it’s told in such a poetic way that I’m really excited to share it with everyone. See? No spoilers!


Lisa: Is there some particular scene or moment in Finding Chika that had a particularly poignant effect on you? What was it?


Finding ChikaEmily: I was crying from the first page. Mitch has the unique gift of being able to transport the reader not only in time and space but emotionally. This book is a bit of a wild ride for your heart but you’re more whole for going along.

Reading with Robin

Lisa: I  love that description. How did Robin start doing author events and when did you first get involved in them?


Emily: My mom was doing events when I was a child but she formalized them under Reading With Robin in 2004!


Lisa: What was your role in the early years?


Emily: I’m going to rat my mom out for a second and say that she would take me out of school to help run check-in and logistics in the early days.


Lisa: Wow. She’s naughty! But I bet it was a great education! How did your role in the author events evolve over time?


Emily: It hasn’t really! Just kidding. My mom and I certainly collaborate and plan together far more than we did when I was a kid — now we’re partners. But I’m still an “all hands on deck” kind of person, so whatever needs getting done, I do!


Lisa: And I love seeing you at events, supporting the authors, running logistics, handing out swag! How are you working with Reading with Robin currently and how does that play into your other work with your own business, Little Lion Communications?


Emily: In addition to working on our events, I’ve also started interviewing for the podcast, which is so much fun! I’ve also worked on branding with my mom, as it pertains to social media, the web site, and imagery. She’s my favorite client :)


Lisa: I bet! And I can see the impact in the messaging. You and Robin have also partnered on “the Cardigan Connection.” Can you tell us about that and what makes it distinct from Reading with Robin events?


Emily: The Cardigan Connection primarily refers to our monthly author series but sometimes we host solo author events under this umbrella if they share the same editorial direction. It’s a fine line but in our weird way, it makes sense.


Join Us: Meet Mitch and Get Your Copy of Finding Chika!

Lisa: There are regular and VIP tickets for the event with Mitch Albom. What do VIP tickets get you? Or why might someone want to purchase a VIP ticket?
Mitch Albom Finding Chika
Mitch Albom will be hosted by Robin Kall at Temple Beth-El in Providence on November 21.

Emily: VIP tickets include drinks, noshes, preferred seating, and a meet-and-greet with Mitch before the event! It’s going to be very intimate.


Lisa: I bought my VIP ticket and can’t wait! I hope to see many readers of this blog at the event. Come introduce yourself! And to our Massachusetts neighbors, Providence is not so far!


Here are the details:
WHEN:    November 21, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE:   Temple Beth El
70 Orchard Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02906
COST:  $40 – $100 (VIP Ticket)
CONTACT:  Robin Kall / Reading with Robin
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