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27 Brilliant Holiday Gifts for Writers—Unique, Book-ish and Beautiful!

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Lisa Tener with gifts for writers
Here I am with my creativity enhancing essential oil blends.

Buying gifts for writers in so much fun. One for your recipient and one for you!

As I wrapped holiday gifts for the writers in my life, I decided to reach out to my Facebook community for additional ideas to share with you. And our writer’s gift giving guide wouldn’t be complete without a few ideas from my assistant Geri Lafferty who gives THE BEST gifts!

essential oils for creativity
I love essential oil blends to induce a creative mood.

My Favorite Gifts for Writers

Let’s start with one of my favorite gifts for writers—essential oils. The creative muse responds when we slow down and nurture ourselves, making space for creativity to bubble up. Spraying a light mist or rubbing an oil blend on my wrists transports me to my happy place where the writing flows.

My favorite blends are Sacred Presence Mood Mist and Empower Body Oil from Essential Rose Life. I discovered these oils while working with owner and creator Jenn Stone Goldman on the book proposal for her self-help memoir.

Jenn says, “Aromatherapy balances our mood, supporting self-connection, relieving stress and providing mental clarity. This enhances your ability to write with focused awareness and communicate clearly from a place of truth.” You can find tips and rituals for using the oils and blends on Jenn’s blog.

Let’s have my assistant Geri and our Facebook friends weigh in too!

Writing Essentials

LiveScrGeri discovered this techie gem, LiveScribe. Write with the pen. “When you’re done, you’ll have an ink copy of your writing and a digital copy saved to the pen’s memory which you can then synchronize with your computer, phone or tablet. Several services will perform this task, including the SmartPad from Wacom.

writers notebookVisit Deborah Monk Books and you’ll find inspirational books, journals and beautiful jewelry. Geri especially likes these Inspirational & Motivational Greeting Cards with Envelopes, Refrigerator Magnets. I love Deborah’s mini notebooks. And her novel, Well Behaved Woman Coming Undone is fabulous!

Aqua NotesDo you get some of your best ideas in the shower? Geri discovered AquaNotes with pages you can detach and file, or this waterproof whiteboard from Shower Thoughts. The whiteboard comes with an eraser so that you can wipe down and reuse your ShowerThoughts Board as many times as you want. “Your thoughts are portable,” too. You can easily remove the pad from the hooks. “Get those ideas down before they wash away!”

Michelle Obama writing Journal

writing journal gift for writerBeing an old schooler who loves writing by hand, I LOVE journals, and our gifts for writers list would not be complete without them. How about “doing good” with your shopping? Ten Thousand Villages offers an array of beautiful, handcrafted journals that are ethically sourced and provide income to help break the cycle of generational poverty throughout small villages all over the planet!

Gael Johnson just bought herself Michelle Obama’s Journal Becoming “Delicious,” Gael says. I also enjoy Peter Pauper Press Journals.

pencil holder gift for writersStephanie Chandler recommends the Hemmingway pencil holder.

book tote bag gift for writersI recently bought these tote bags as a thank you to clients who came to a brainstorming session, “design thinking” says my strategy consultant. Everyone loved the bags. And guess what we put in them? Journals, pens and chocolate—more great gifts for writers!

For Ambiance, Quiet and Hunkering Down

My assistant Geri Lafferty suggests this retro plastic door knob hanger sign: Do Not Disturb Writer at Work. “Your writing room is your sanctuary. Impossible to overlook, the colorful design will deliver your message clearly.”

Blanket Jennie Nash recommended this blanket from Restoration Hardware. “It is amazing. It’s soft and HEAVY and is perfect to drape over your lap when reading or writing. It’s oddly affordable for what it is and where it’s from. I would not want to be without mine—and I live in sunny Southern California!”

Chicago Manual

Books, Of Course!

From Kathy Dodson: “It’s totally dorky, but I love my indestructible CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) cheat sheet.” Now, that would come in handy. While technically not a book, this gift is book-derived. I’d never seen it before but it’s now on my list!

On Writing by Stephen KingJody Lisberger declares: “Unquestionably: ON WRITING by Stephen King.” And we concur.

In addition to all the wonderful fiction I’ve received from Reading with Robin Salon (more info on the Salon below), I’ve been reading Fearless Writing. by William Kenower, another great pick.

Is your author friend looking to start a new career? How about Jennie Nash’s terrific book for writers interesting in becoming a book cThe business of book coachingoach, Read Books All Day & Get Paid for It. Book coaching is a fulfilling profession and Jennie is a perfect guide. Her courses are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of aspects of this exciting career.

Another great gift for the female writer, from the founder of She Writes: Write on, Sisters! Voice, Courage and Claiming Your Place at the Table.

What’s your favorite book for writers?

Gifts That Empower Writers: Subscriptions and Such


Stephanie Chandler suggests a gift memberships at the Nonfiction Authors Association  Among its many services, the Nonfiction Authors Association provides education, resources and support for authors.

Reading with Robin SalonI often recommend that even nonfiction writers read fiction, for the many powerful lessons well written fiction teaches about compelling writing and voice. Check out my friend Robin Kall’s Reading with Robin Salon gift membership. Give a monthly membership subscription (at $7.99/mo) for unparalleled access to exclusive content, giveaways and gifts; discounts to your favorite events; and interaction with Robin and her authors.

I have received 1-2 free books each month–often hot off the press and pre-launch—as part of the book giveaways. These are usually new releases—fabulous writing, mostly novels, one memoir and one cookbook with a writerly theme.  Favorite highlights include This Tender Land, Stay and Fight and Wyoming, which I’m in the midst of. And Geri’s waiting for me to read Queen Meryl which I’ve promised to pass on to her.

trio west must to write byI tend to write in quiet. I find most music intrusive when I’m writing. An exception? The holiday jazz of Trio West for mood-making background. Check out their second holiday jazz album for writing ambiance. This light, jazzy selection from my neighbor Tobias Gebb and his band offers inspiring background music for writing.

And if you’re looking for to give big to that writer in your life, email me to explore gifting a book concept consultation, book writing program, course or other empowering gift.

Note: With the exception of my own programs and services, I do not receive any remuneration for recommending these gifts, or for items purchased.

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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