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Day 14: October Journaling Adventure with The Joy of Writing Journal

Today we’re writing about our writing dreams, dreams for our writing life and you can find the details in The Joy of Writing Journal: Spark Your Creativity in 8 Minutes a Day.

writing dreams

In my journal, I discover that none of the five so-called writing dreams I listed actually feels like it’s mine.

Maybe that’s the American Dream. Or the Swedish Dream. Or some Swede’s dream. Hell, I don’t know where the dream came from. I just know it’s not mine.

So I pick raspberries and blueberries for a few days at the height of the season and my mind clears enough to return to this seemingly loaded prompt.

When I finally let go of my borrowed dreams, I can return to explore mine, which starts in bed, recording dreams, journaling, writing freely.

Only then, after journaling, do I imagine starting my dream creation.

I listen to my muse, the maker of alphabet soup, and in this particular imagining, she puts some mighty strange things in the soup—a stone, chum, a finger of ginger, a slender purple carrot, an exquisite Romanesque cauliflower.

My muse places the spoon in my mouth and I taste, not the ginger or the chum, certainly not the stone, but the melding of all ingredients and my entire being feels/knows/says, “Thank you. I needed this.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

I don’t know how my muse has managed to create a delicious, nourishing stew of it all. That’s her magic.

In this dream, when I finish my creative projects. I usher them into the world and trust in them.

Maybe some writing projects were meant to work their magic on me alone. Maybe some will speak to and incite (or inspire) one other person. And maybe some are meant to do more. In my dream, I am happy with any outcome.

I honor the muse. We make the soup.

We taste. We invite you to the meal. We break bread together.

Some days we eat in silence; others we argue heatedly. Some days we read to each other. Some days we look into our bowls of alphabet soup and see what words float around, then scribble them down in our journals.

Being Okay with Whatever We Write

Whew, that’s a quirky journey. But we’re not here to impress each other. We’re here to journey, explore, unearth little (or big) somethings together.

We gather here together:

  • To work our creative muscles.
  • To develop writing habits.
  • To take pleasure in journaling or writing.
  • To feel more joy as we honor our creativity and the spirit of play.

Your Turn to Write

The Joy of Writing Journal: Spark Your Creativity in 8 Minutes a Day

No pressure here to be clever. Or write something share-worthy.

Be free and write what comes.

Share a sampling if you feel so moved.

How is it to write your dreams? Do they feel authentic or do you need to release them and find something more true to you?

Note: Spend time on the Week 2 summary page: Note things that happened this past week that you can write about; make note of things that inspired you; schedule your writing times.

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

Reader Interactions


  1. Deborah Louth says

    Day 14 – Visions and dreams of my writing life – Prompt – Be a Voice for my Ancestors

    It has not occurred to me to think about having a vision, dream, or wild dream overall for my writing. That is where I am and perhaps is why I’m not writing much. My five prompts contain what I want to write about, not my dream of where my writing can take me. Each of my prompts contain some very serious topics on a psychological level through my Irish and French/Native American ancestry. I want my writing to be a vehicle to heal the many wounds throughout the lines of time in my family. I want to give a deeper, wider perspective of the purpose within the why and how we create the reality we meet. And, to show by my life’s experience, ways to facilitate the necessary healing. I envision those who read my book will receive an aha moment that moves them to the road of recovering their past, as the truth of my words, opens their hearts. I want to leave a legacy behind from my writing that transformational healing is available for all who seek the truth.

      • Mary Ann L says

        I second that motion, Deborah and think that although your global mission is very purpose driven that you will unearth many important insights and discoveries about your own resilience and grace as you write your stories. Keep me posted please- I’m a fan!

        • Lisa Tener says

          Take it all in Deborah. Your fan club is speaking! I include myself in that group! And Mary Ann and Maureen, you are an inspiration as well! I have heard from a few quiet readers of this blog how much they are enjoying the discourse even if they are not commenting!

  2. Deborah Louth says

    Thank you all for your support – it’s giving me a boost of confidence. I’d love to hear about what other people are experiencing with their writing – it’s lonely without others writing and since I am not on Facebook, I have this blog only and it’s my 1st experience with a blog. Mary Ann, after you wrote your last writing that we said was quite creative, you disappeared. I was wondering if you felt you had to top that writing in the next exercises – I hope you do not feel pressured to write a masterpiece.

    • Lisa Tener says

      Hi Deborah. I think that was just my delay in approving the post. Mary Ann is here and writing! You’re not alone. I have to approve all posts, just so we don’t get lots of spam here. Sorry for my occasional delays.

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