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How To Write a Book During Tumultuous Times

I recently led a writer through my Meet Your Muse exercise. He felt overwhelmed by world events. How could he write a book when everything feels so bleak? What could he contribute to systemic problems that seemed unsolvable?

write a book coaching

The Muse said, “Keep to what you are here to do.”

“You’re not going to solve the climate crisis, end global violence, or prevent world hunger. But you have a big mission and if you stick to it, it will be very fulfilling.”

When You Feel Powerless

The Muse continued, “Those in power want us to feel helpless. The media wants us to feel helpless. Don’t buy into it.”

The truth is, you’re probably not here to fix global problems. Some of us are fixers who can make a big impact on global issues. Most of us find the global too big, too violent, too awful for us to make an obvious impact.

Yet, when you come back to your calling, to what you feel truly called to do, you can feel the rightness of your activity. In the case of writing, you can feel the power of your words. And your impact can be further reaching than you realize. Your contribution to world peace and greater harmony and balance–well, it might surprise you!

Energetic Impact

I wrote a poem recently and shared it with a mentor of mine, who’s quite intuitive. She said that the poetry I’m writing has an impact even before I share it. She said that before I walked in the door she could feel it.

connect with your readers through imagination

That blew my mind. But it also made sense. As someone who practices qigong and works with internal energy cultivation, I’ve come to realize that our internal work also contributes to the state of the world. In fact, our personal growth work, spiritual practices, and creative pursuits affect how much joy, love, fulfillment and creativity we bring into this world to help balance out the dark stuff (which we can also find within us).

Qigong teaches us that the world needs a balance of yin and yang the feminine and masculine principles. I find that these yin practices bring harmony into all aspects of life–relationships, work, health and creative projects like book writing.

And Then It’s Time to Get Your Work Out

So inner work is important. Yes.

published author pat hastings

And as a writer, there is an important next step. We are writing to communicate with others. To share what we have to offer–wisdom, strategies, advice, perhaps humor, certainly stories.

  • Write and publish that article or blog post!
  • Read your poem on YouTube.
  • Complete and publish your book!

Because you are here to do what you are here to do and your book is a part of it! And if you wonder how to get from point A to point B, how to get back in the groove, stay with me. We’ll get there.

Elevate Your Consciousness

Einstein said that we can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that generated the problem.

So how do we resolve those problems? From a higher level of consciousness.

Subjecting yourself to gory images of violence on social media is not going to raise your consciousness.

How do we get there?

start writing
  • Doing the inner work. Journaling and writing are some of the best tools out there.
  • Listening to our inner calling.
  • Making time for our callings.
  • Getting support to bring our callings to fruition.
  • Sharing our calling, our work, and our creations with others to inspire and support them in their callings and for them to also raise their consciousness.

And for most of my readers that includes: Write that book! Publish! Usher it out into the world!

How to Return to Center and Creative Flow

In the midst of world turmoil and both personal and collective suffering, how do we return to creative flow to get our books written?

During the two weeks following our Meet Your Muse session, I witnessed my client regain his enthusiasm and passion. He and several others in Get Your Writing Done shared how powerfully our qigong movements brought them into an elevated state and made it easy to write.

Two Beautiful Offerings

Lisa Tener, Book Coach

I’d love to help you recommit, reconnect and return to flow so you can finish your book and experience that beautiful feeling of fulfilling your callings and sharing your gifts with the world, bringing balance through your particular mission and vision, some part of what you came here for!

I have two offerings for you. In order to accommodate all who sign up, I am limiting the registration from October 24 to October 27.

Offering #1: Register for a half-hour Meet Your Muse Consultation and receive two sessions in Get Your Writing Done.

  • You’ll email me ahead of our call with your questions or challenges. Together on the call, we’ll come up with exact questions for your inner muse and I’ll walk you through this powerful exercise.
  • Then you’ll get to put your inner Muse’s advice into action in two Get Your Writing Done sessions. You can experience for yourself how our powerful qigong practices elevate your consciousness, clear energy blocks and get you into a heightened state of inspiration and flow. Participants consistently share that through our qigong and other practices, plus the group energy, they generate their best writing.

Price: $295 (Bonus value: over 40% and potentially priceless!)


Offering #2: Buy a block of 3 one-hour coaching sessions and get a fourth one free, plus one free month in Get Your Writing Done!

  • Prepare ahead with my powerful questionnaire (and I’ll prepare from your questionnaire as well) so that you get the most out of your coaching sessions.
  • Get feedback on up to 10 pages of writing on each call. Or use the calls to discuss book concepts and strategies, gain clarity on specific editorial choices, and more.
  • Optional: Use part of your coaching session to access your inner wisdom, clarity and creative genius as I lead you in the Meet Your Muse exercise.
  • Receive one month’s membership in my Get Your Writing Done program — up to 16 hours of LIVE session time with me and our amazing group of writers. Put your clarity from our coaching calls into action: You can experience for yourself how our powerful qigong practices elevate your consciousness, clear energy blocks and get you into a heightened state of inspiration and flow! Participants consistently share that through the qigong practices and our special group energy, they produce their best writing.

Price: $575 in 3 payments every 14 days or save $100 and pay in full $1625. (Bonus value: $575 – $675)

SIGN UP for #2 HERE (Single pay option; save an extra $100)

SIGN UP for #2 HERE (3-pay option)

These offers end at midnight on October 27. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. They blog on sites like The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and WebMD.

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