How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Lisa Tener - I can help you hire a ghostwriter
As a book writing coach and publishing consultant, I have worked with many busy professionals who have a story to tell – and many professional writers who have an amazing way with words. It’s tremendously satisfying for me to be able to help people bring their story to life. Let me help you find the best, high-quality ghostwriter for your project.
Every writer is not the perfect fit for every project. When you call me to talk about your project, I will refer you to one or a few ghostwriters whom I believe will be a good fit for you and your book. I know these writers. They produce quality work and they operate with high standards, so you can hire a ghostwriter with utmost confidence.

Hire a High Quality Ghostwriter

Without naming names, let me tell you a bit about the writers I work with.

  • The majority of them have 20 to 30 years of writing experience.
  • Some specialize in writing business books; others in inspirational books, self-help, health or memoir, for example. And several of our writers have a broad range of genres for which they write.
  • Several of the books they ghost-wrote or co-wrote have been New York Times bestsellers, Businessweek bestsellers, and prestigious book award winners.
  • Some of these books have been reprinted several times and translated into multiple languages.
  • These writers have a track record of producing work that satisfies the goals of their clients.

Because of confidentiality requirements, I can’t share most client names but the ghostwriters I refer to have worked with:

  • Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Public figures in politics and finance
  • Doctors, surgeons, psychologists, and psychiatrists
  • Celebrities
  • Thought leaders in business
  • Life coaches and health and wellness gurus

They have worked on a wide variety of book projects, including:

  • Business legacy books
  • Several award-winning CEO memoirs
  • Business “big idea” books
  • Corporate culture books
  • “How to” books
  • Practical business books
  • Leadership books
  • Self-help books
  • Spiritual and inspirational books
  • Health books
  • Exposé

Testimonial for One of Our Ghostwriters

“It was a pleasure to work with Jim on my book. This was my first project and Jim made it so much easier. He has many great writing gifts, but his greatest ability is to listen and discern the message the author is trying to say and then get it down on paper. Jim said often, “It needs to be your voice coming through.” Jim made it flow seamlessly. [He] is a gifted writer and has the ability to focus on each project and make it the best. Jim gave me great ideas to launch and promote my book and make it successful.”

Books our writers wrote, co-wrote or edited have won the following awards:

Are You Ready to See Your Book in Print (or online)?

Contact me online or call my office at 401-477-0886 to talk to me about the kind of book you want to write and kind of writer you are seeking. I can help you find a quality ghostwriter for a business book, CEO memoir, self-help book, or other type of book.

Get your free e-book, 20 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Ghostwriter. It will help you be diligent in thoroughly investigating the writers you are considering and making the best possible match for your book.


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If you are ready to get your book project off the ground with the help of a skilled ghostwriter, contact Lisa Tener. We look forward to helping you find the perfect match.

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