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Interview Lisa on Writing, Creativity, Publishing, Journaling, and Entrepreneurship

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“Lisa’s warmth and playfulness come through, empowering listeners and hosts with an ‘I can do it’ attitude in applying her expertise.”

With her forthcoming book Breathe. Write. Breathe., LIsa reveals how ancient, mindful movement practices from qigong and yoga invoke an instant flow state for writing and creative endeavors.

Lisa is a Stevie Award-winner in multiple categories from entrepreneurship and marketing to coaching and media, and a writing and publishing coach whose clients have received 5- and 6-figure book deals from major publishers. Her 2021 book, The Joy of Writing Journal won five prestigious book awards.

“I’ve booked Lisa for three shows and a news segment. On my most recent series, I chose her as the very first guest because I knew she’d be fun, authentic, open, articulate, intelligent and a breeze to work with. Lisa can juggle a variety of concepts, projects, and personalities while remaining warm, upbeat and on the ball.  She’s a delight.”

~ Portland Helmich, TV host and producer

Your Next Inspiring Guest….

As radio and podcast host Patricia Raskin said, “I’ve had Lisa as a guest six times and I keep asking her back! Lisa’s expert book coaching advice has launched the book careers of many successful authors and she is an engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining guest. She hones her message for the particular audience and often gets call-in questions, which she fields with aplomb. Her professionalism, creativity and caring all come through the radio airwaves!”

Lisa brings authority and authenticity to her interviews on publishing, creativity and writing, offering wise advice, coaching tips and her signature creative inspiration to any interview. The mindful movement exercises in her newest book make great b-roll for visual media!

As a Stevie Award-winner in multiple categories from entrepreneurship to coaching; as a writing and publishing coach whose clients have received 5- and 6-figure book deals from major publishers and appeared all over major media channels; as a writer who studied with greats including Frank Conroy and A.R. “Pete” Gurney, Jr.; and as a teacher who served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing and women’s leadership courses for over a dozen years, Lisa Tener brings decades of experience. Her loving personality shines through and engages host and guests in the possibilities of their creative and business endeavors.

Potential Interview Topics Include

  • How to Use Mindful Movement to Unlock Creative Flow
  • How to Mine Your Dreams for Creative Gold
  • How To Outsmart Your Inner Critic
  • Radical Hacks for Writer’s Block
  • Problem Solve Your Life through Journaling
  • How to Write and Publish a Successful Nonfiction Book
  • Infuse Life into Creative Projects through Ancient Breathing Practices
  • How to Free Your Creative Voice
  • Fresh Perspectives on Writing, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Creativity, Innovation

“Lisa Tener blends practicality, wisdom, and generosity. She has a unique ability to identify where writers get stuck and then move them forward with advice that is born from deep wisdom about the book writing process. Her supportive approach empowers writers to move forward. We’ve had her as a guest twice on our podcast, and each time writers come away both encouraged and equipped to write their books.”

~ Melissa Parks, co-host of Journey Sixty6


A recent TV Interview

How journaling can benefit your mental health

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, WFXR News’ Amanda Kenney spoke with me on “Good Day Virginia” about how journaling can lift your mood, help you de-stress, and more.

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new york times

Media Testimonials….

“Warm, Upbeat and On the Ball” on TV

As a TV host and producer, I’ve booked Lisa for three different shows and one news segment. On my most recent series, “What’s the Alternative?”, I chose her as the very first guest for my…

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“An Insightful and Entertaining Guest”–and, Later, Guest Host

When looking for an engaging guest host for Reading with Robin for a day I’d be out of town, I immediately thought of Lisa Tener, who’s been an insightful and entertaining guest on the show several…

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An Ideal Radio Guest: I Keep Asking Her Back!

Lisa Tener is an ideal radio guest. She has joined me on my radio programs, Patricia Raskin Positive Living and Positive Business, on Cumulus Broadcasting’s WPRO, more than half a dozen times and I keep asking…

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Print & Online

National Reading Month

Gray TV Anchor Debra Alfarone interviews Lisa on benefits of reading and tips for reading well.

Tips on how to start journaling and create the life you deserve

I share how journaling has helped me with life's biggest challenges and how you can use it to help create the life you want. See it on WUSA 9 (Great Day Washington)

Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions

Many people make resolutions for a new year. I spoke with about KCEN-TV / NBC why you should think twice before setting resolutions in 2021. See it on KCENT TV

TV interview

Journaling for Mental Health

PIX 11 Anchors Tamsen Fadal and Arrianee LeBeau interview me about how journaling can change your life and how to get started. Watch it on PIX 11.

Putting pen to paper may help you heal, improve mental health

I share how journaling has helped me with life's biggest challenges and encourage viewers to engage their creativity when writing. See it on KCENT TV

Top 8 Mood Busters

I shared "Top 8 Mood Busters" on HLN Weekend Express with Susan Hendricks. Did you know humming calms and relaxes and journaling can shift your mindset?

Journey Sixty6

Melissa and Allison Parks interview Lisa on How to Navigate Feedback from Editors. Listen here.

The Art of Journaling

Interview on The Mother-Daughter Art Project with Amy Miller. Listen here.

Journey Sixy6

Melissa Parks and David Goetz interview Lisa on Writing a Book Proposal that Lands You a Deal. Listen here.

The Real Impact of Writing a Book

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring book coach Lisa Tener and two Bring Your Book to Life(R) graduates and authors Vanessa Levin and Christopher Littlefield. We discuss the process, lessons, and impact of publishing a book, and each author shares their journey and advice for turning your idea into a published work. Watch here.

Author Coach Lisa Tener - Spark Your Creativity with the Joy of Writing Journal

Elizabeth-Hamilton Guarino and I discuss why journaling is so helpful right now, how to create an empowering journaling habit and the ways that The Joy of Writing Journal goes beyond the usual journaling practice to create support, community, and an elevated experience through a multimedia experience. I also reveal stories of how journaling changed my life! Listen here.

Lisa Tener

Ask Julie Ryan

Embracing Creativity for Personal & Spiritual Growth! Interview on Ask Julie Ryan Podcast. Listen here.

TV interview

Behind the Cover: Inaugrual Podcast

Amy Shamroe of The Living Now Book Awards, IPPY Awards and the Jenkins Group interviews Lisa about the inspiration behind the book, how the awards have affected book sales and business and the book that's coming next! Listen to Lisa's Book Marketing Tips & More!

Gratitude and the Creativity Catalyst

Interview on Look for the Good with Carrie Rowan. Listen here.

The Joy of Writing Journal

lnterview on the Patricia Raskin Show. Listen here.

Your Bold Life Podcast

Midlife and Book writing on Your Bold Life Podcast with Val Selby. Listen here.

Amplify Your Success with Melanie Benson

Amplify Your Success Podcast How to Wow Agents and Publishers with Your Nonfiction Book Proposal on the Amplify Your Success Podcast with Melanie Benson. Listen here.

Talk of the Town

I spoke with Bruce Newbury of WADK, Newport RI about the upcoming RI Author Expo, book coaching tips, journaling and more. Listen here.

Leadership at All Levels

Leadership at All Levels with Gail Alofsin, WADK, Newport. Listen here.

Lisa Tener

Leadership at All Levels with Gail Alofsin, WADK, Newport, RI

We cover how to write a Valentines Day card that woos and wows in 6 minutes, the power of journaling, and our book writing and publishing journeys. Listen here.

Rhode Island Monthly

I Local Author Encourages You to Spark Your Creativity Through Journaling by Edelinda Baptista. Read here.

Expert Writing Advice

BoredPanda contacted Lisa for writing tips sprinkled throughout the article 30 funniest Amazon reviews.. Read here.


Quoted by VICE in an informative article by Seamus Kirst and featured/quoted by Market Watch!

Lisa Tener

Organic Spa

Honored to be quoted in Organic Spa Magazine on creativity. Read here.

Lisa Tener

Interview of Bestselling Author Mitch Albom

Read my interview of bestselling author Mitch Albom about his latest book, Finding Chika. And here are the “outtakes” from that interview, where Mitch Albom talks about book writing, voice and process.

new york times

The New York Times

 Quoted in the Business section of the New York Times. Read here.
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