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Let me help you write your book.

Get published and have fun every step of the way.
Whether you need help organizing starting, getting published or need a book writing coach,
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Get Your Writing Done

Weekly Virtual Writing Workshop

Tap into ease of writing so your writing journey is a fun, soul-satisfying adventure. Working on a book, a blog post, an essay, poetry, a script or anything else you’re ready to work on.

This program begins July 7, as an all new membership that includes 8 hours a month of workshop time to get into a state of flow and write some of your best, most inspired writing. 



Bring Your Book to Life®

The Award Winning Book Writing Program

Our signature book writing program which has launched many of our most successful and award-winning authors, including Kimber Simpkins, Kathy LeMay, Micaela Karlsen, Victoria Dunckley, MD and many others.

An 8 Week Live Teleseminar, step-by-step guidance and private coaching/feedback with Lisa.


Fast Track Your Book Proposal

“Taking Lisa Tener’s Fast Track Your Book Proposal program was the best thing I did to give my book momentum. The process of writing a proposal is so different than writing my own material, [before Lisa] I was lost and stymied.

“Lisa broke down each section in sequence, which stimulated my own research and refinement of the draft proposal. Having her go over the drafts of each section, I think, made it successful.

“With Lisa’s help, I wrote a great proposal, signed with a top literary agent and signed a book contract with Ben Bella Books.”

A 4-week Live Online Class and Book Proposal Adventure




Quick Start to Kick-Start Your Book

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? “Quick Start” is the perfect starting point for a new author when you need to clarify exactly what you’re writing, who you’re writing for and how to structure your book—use “Quick Start” before you ever write a word. Step-by-step materials.


Inspiration to Author in 8 Weeks

The Complete Roadmap to Take your Marvelous Idea from Mind to Manuscript

Our signature Bring Your Book to Life® program in a convenient self-study format. Lisa walks you step-by-step to write the book that brings your vision to life. Step-by-step materials.



Book Concept and Strategy Consultation

with Lisa Tener

One and half Hour Private, Comprehensive Session, pre-work questionnaire and written report with recommendations and analysis. Limit: only 4 per month.

Book Proposal Support

Work with Lisa to write a top-notch book proposal.

Lisa’s clients are published by or have recently signed book deals with Hay House, Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scribner, Beyond Words, Prometheus Books, HCI, Sunrise River Press, Karnac Books and more. Find out why they get 5- and 6- figure book deals!


Private Coaching With Lisa

Author Mentoring and One-on-One Coaching

Get clear on the right book, Break through blocks, Clarify your audience, book concept and content, Clarify whether to go with a traditional publisher or self publish, Get expert advice to grow your platform and Create a business plan to make money with your book.



“Awestruck by the Publisher’s Offer”

“Lisa Tener is an amazing coach and so much more. One day I was googling online for ideas on how to write a nonfiction book, when I stumbled upon her web page. I continued on…


Two Awards & “Instrumental in My Work Supporting Healthcare Workers”

“I signed up for Bring Your book to Life® Thanksgiving weekend. By February, Lisa’s materials and consultation had helped me develop a structure to set Deeper into Mindfulness apart from other mindfulness books on the market. “The course…


“The Best Thing I Did”

“Taking Lisa Tener’s Fast Track Your Book Proposal program was the best thing I did to give my book momentum. I had written an entire rough draft, but was floundering with where to go with it, and what to…


“A Valuable Partnership”

“Lisa helped me clarify and fine tune both the vision and mission of my book, and think through my editorial decisions. “Her openness and creativity, practicality and intelligence, directness and honesty were crucial in forming…


Multiple Offers & Nautilus Award Winner

“Lisa Tener was an invaluable resource throughout the book-publishing process. She helped me make sense of the publishing world, build a platform that would get the attention of publishers, and develop an engaging book proposal…


Book Deal with Hachette

“My prayers were answered when one of my colleagues recommended Lisa Tener. Lisa immediately calmed me down, listened keenly and encouraged me to get the help to finish my book. “During the 3 years of…

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