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become your child's sleep coach

Landed Big 5 Publisher

Lisa Tener is a joy!

She’s experienced and insightful and is facile with every aspect of book coaching and publishing.  She reviewed my book proposal and made so many valuable and practical suggestions, encouraged me to wait to submit my proposal until I’d done more work on my platform (and helped me expand and improve it), knew just what my “dream agent” would be looking for, and encouraged me to submit my proposal at the time of year when it would receive the best consideration. 

I’m still pinching myself: I received multiple offers, signed with one of the Big 5 publishers in New York, and worked with an editor at the publishing house who was a perfect fit for my book. Now Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach is “available wherever books are sold” (never thought I’d get to say that!) and is helping both children and parents around the world get great sleep.

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