“Bring Your Book to Life® Gave me the Structure to Produce My First Draft”

“I had been contemplating writing a book for many years. My schedule opened up recently and I knew I needed help. Three of four books were in me and I had no idea where to place my creative energy. My first one hour consultation with Lisa turned into a truly creative journey with surprises each step of the way. “Meeting my Muse” the book surfaced a very different book than the three I had originally imagined. The Bring your Book to Life® program gave me the structure to produce the first draft of this book. And Lisa’s steady coaching, insight, and encouragement to ‘keep on writing’ haves created the habits to bring this book to completion.
“Lisa Tener is a true gift to the world of both budding and accomplished authors. I have already highly recommended her to friends of mine that are both.”

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