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“Lisa is A Wise Woman in the World of Books.”

Lisa helped forge a remarkable collaboration between a prominent physician and a holistic health care expert. Particularly helpful was Lisa’s guidance on how to merge our quite different voices.

Lisa Tener’s coaching is invaluable, both in creating the book itself and in launching the fledgling out of the nest into successful publishing. First she coaxes the book out of you, holding the vision of your overarching message so you don’t lose sight of it through the writing process. She creates a bridge between what you want to share and what readers are looking for in your field, therefore making a successful and saleable book.

And when you get stuck in the process, as we all do, Lisa acts like a combination of a cheerleader and a coach, helping us get past that stuck place.

Lisa is equally valuable for the other half of the equation – getting the book published, because she really knows the ropes. Her advice is essential especially now when the publishing world is changing so quickly. Finally, she can connect you with a team of publicity experts and others to polish, publish and promote your book.

Lisa is a joy to work with: endlessly encouraging, smart and experienced, wonderfully articulate in her suggestions, generously available to her clients – a true wise woman for the publishing world.

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