“Lisa is a life-changer.”

Lisa Tener is a master book coach, but that is not all. She is a life-changer. She has changed the lives of all the people she has helped realize their dreams of writing and very frequently publishing books. To help many people have their book dreams come true is no small thing.

But Lisa has done even more for me. She has been the essential factor in my being able to realize my dreams of quitting my administrative job and devoting all my time to writing and coaching. From the first moment we spoke, Lisa Tener has been a both a rigorous and generous mentor. Without her referrals I would never have been able to grow my business to the point that my own entrepreneurial dreams have come true. And her example of professional, ethical, enthusiastic, practical, and spiritual coaching has led me to aspire to set a similarly high bar for  my business as a reflection of hers. I consider Lisa an angel as well as a real world mentor.

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