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Lisa was truly gifted with helping me stay on track

For years, I had a secret longing within me to write a book. Yet, when I would sit down to write I would surge ahead and then come to a screeching halt. I did not know how to organize my materials, and my ideas would spring out in 10 different directions simultaneously; and my inner doubts and fears would say things to me like, “The world does not need another spiritual book” and, “By the way, your English sucks.” My life changed when I put my foot down and I asked the universe to bring me a person to help me organize and show me how to write my book. That very afternoon, April 27th, I went to my inbox and I found Lisa Tener’s Bring your Book to Life® Program. I signed up and we started April 29th, a day after my Birthday. I learned what a first, second and third draft meant, I learned that you did not have to do this by yourself, and that you have an editor to help polish your manuscript. I thought you sat down and it came out perfectly the first time. Lisa was truly gifted with helping me stay on track, with structure, and accountability. The biggest game changer for me was, she held me and the other participants already as an Author. This was a powerful transformation for me and it changed the way I viewed myself and my confidence soared. A message that I received while I was writing was “Act as if no one has written about your topic before, and you know what to say.” Lisa, I can’t thank you enough, you have been instrumental in changing my life.

Oceans of gratitude, Bridget

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