Sacred Psychiatry book cover

Nautilus & NIEA Book Awards!

Lisa is astonishingly good at what she does. She gives it her all. I participated in Lisa’s “Bring Your Book to Life” program.

The intention was to create a first draft of a book in 8 weeks. I did it! The commitment required and the structure of the class made it possible for me.

The private coaching sessions with Lisa were invaluable. She is an extremely creative intuitive outside the box thinker. I had two private calls with her. In both her refraining of my thinking made a profound difference. In the first she helped me see with fresh eyes ,which allowed me to understand and reclaim the value of a concept that I I had rejected.

In the second, she pushed me to tolerate the anxiety of claiming a powerful adjective to describe myself, which felt like she was encouraging me to “dare greatly” and to not play small. If you are ready to commit and do the work, (it is a big commitment on multiple levels!) she offers thoughtful support and a structure to help you “bring your book to life.” I am grateful and highly recommend working with her if you are ready.

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