James Brosnahan
Justice at Trial by James Brosnahan book cover

“Top Drawer Agent and Book Deal”

After writing my memoir about my years as a trial lawyer, trying many groundbreaking cases, and then writing a book proposal, I was advised to hire a book proposal coach or editor to make the proposal as compelling as possible. Lucky for me I found Lisa Tener.

In addition to guiding me to create a successful book proposal, Lisa taught me how to keep the flow going in a 400+ page book, how to build suspense, how to reduce the length of sentences when appropriate, and when to add length to sentences for impact. She did all that while respecting my voice and enthusiasm for my book.

Lisa taught me what agents and publishers are looking for and the mechanics of their agreeing to take on a book. Because of Lisa’s work–and her reaching out to my top choice agent–I got a top drawer agent and a book deal with Rowman & Littlefield and my memoir will be published in 2023. I highly recommend Lisa as an editor and book coach and I plan to work with her on my next book, which I have already started writing.

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