Day 8: Using Your Inner Garden for Inspiration

This video follows the “Explore Your Inner Garden” meditation in Day 8 of The Joy of Writing Journal, as well as your writing session. In this video, Lisa Tener shares how to use this meditation to inspire your journaling and other writing whenever you need a creative boost. #JoyOfWriting

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  1. Maureen says

    The only problem with gardens is how bad I am at tending them. But the wonderful thing about my inner garden is that I can tend it in my heart and mind. No weeding necessary. And I can change it up at will — today it is midsummer and I smell the roses and hear the gentle drone of the bees. Tomorrow I might be overwhelmed by the first crocuses of spring or the particular light green of the first leaves, a color so tender you can taste it. And I can go there anytime I want.

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