“Do you want to publish a best seller? You need Lisa!”

“I went to the 2014 San Francisco Writers Conference looking for a coach to rescue my real estate book. I was troubled by voice, the right balance of light and dark, humor and helpfulness. Within minutes of meeting Lisa, I knew I had found The Guru.

“I interviewed six other book coaches at the conference, spent fifteen minutes with each, and Lisa gave me more insight than all the others combined. She got into my head, totally grasping what I wanted to accomplish, and within five minutes came up with brilliant suggestions that I hadn’t even considered (for free – she didn’t even sign me before starting to share!)

“I knew that in hiring Lisa my book would have the eyes of a master on it—one who has proven results with the Big Six publishers. I am going indie, so I knew I needed her expertise even more. We have just finished editing, and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

“Your book only gets one chance to become a top seller. Don’t risk it. Let Lisa make it the best it can be.”

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