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After Lisa’s Editorial Suggestions, My Subscriber List Grew 50%

Instead of imposing a cookie cutter method, Lisa makes room for the other, for the unexpected, for creativity. Lisa  has provided invaluable guidance in my quest to develop platforms and identify my target audience. I didn’t even understand the meaning of a platform, but as Lisa listened to me, she sensed an interest and gift for video. The use of videos has helped me reach more people, and it resulted in my first book.

With Lisa’s encouragement I became a Huffington Post blogger. Lisa’s recent editorial suggestions for a Huffington Post piece yielded a significant increase in reader engagement. My subscriber list grew by more than 50%! If you want a simplistic plan boasting outlandish promises, don’t contact Lisa. But if you want someone who will listen to you and help bring out your best, Lisa is the mentor for you!

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