Dr. Stephanie O'Leary

First Draft in Just 7 Days! Now, Published.

“When I scheduled a ‘Book Concept and Strategy Consultation’ with Lisa Tener, I thought I would get some great advice on my concept for a parenting book. I walked away with a clear vision for Parenting in the Real World, tremendous inspiration and the confidence to follow my dream of becoming an author.
“When I sat down to write my manuscript, it was done in just seven days!
“I sought out Lisa’s expertise again and was fortune to work with her as on the editing process. She exceeded all of my expectations and her down to earth style helped me relax and trust in the process. I felt supported, respected and knew that Lisa valued my work as much as I did.
“Lisa went out of her way to ensure that my ‘voice’ came through and has continued to support me even after the project wrapped up.
“My book is now published, was available weeks ahead of schedule, and has all 5 Star Reviews on Amazon. Lisa Tener was an integral part of this journey and I can’t wait to work with her on my next book!”
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