Gael-Sylvia Pullen
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Hearing From Total Strangers Across the Country!

“I signed up for Lisa Tener’s Bring Your Book to Life® Program to get my book across to the finish line—a published book I could be proud of. I needed someone experienced, non-judgmental, who would listen and demonstrate understanding.  Lisa exceeded all of these.

“Lisa quickly put me at ease by demystifying the process and dismantling all my fears that had previously muddied my confidence. Lisa helped me see what’s possible and write from a place of joy.

“Lisa Tener’s ability to engage multiple authors in safe, robust, engaging conversation belied the diversity of our topics and enriched our varied backgrounds.  Lisa Tener’s unique gifts will strengthen your writing, warm you up to bigger possibilities and can help you finally realize your book dream come true!

“Now that my first book is published, I am hearing from total strangers across the country sharing when and how they use my book to make life decisions that lead from a place of joy. My book helped me get in front of influencers and visionaries, landing featured presentations for Syncopated Ladies and the Salon on the Spiritually Created Life. This is all tremendously gratifying.”

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