Psychiatrist Bruce Dow majored in English in college. in book writing class he had to re-learn the tools for strong writing and let go of the more academic style he'd picked up in medicine. The result is a book filled with compelling stories that draw readers in and help them apply the tools to their own lives.

Book Deal with ABC-CLIO: “Developed My New Voice”

“At the writing program sponsored by Harvard Medical School I met book coach extraordinaire, Lisa Tener, a teacher in the course. Lisa encouraged me to participate in her eight week teaching course in a beautiful setting on the Rhode Island coast. With guidance from Lisa and her other students I developed my new voice as a medical writer, telling stories about my fascinating experiences working with PTSD patients, and helping them recover, using a dream revision technique.

“Lisa also supported me to build my platform and prepare my book proposal for DREAM THERAPY FOR PTSD: The Proven System for Ending Your Nightmares and Recovering from Trauma. Lisa introduced me to several key people–my publisher, my literary agent, my web designer and a radio talk show host.

“This is an exciting time in my life. Thanks so much, Lisa, for helping make it all possible.”


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